The Road to Recovery and new beginnings. Part 1: Introduction, a launching point.


The Road to Recovery and new beginnings. Part 1: Introduction, a launching point.

A Knights Of Awakening radio and blog series

Hosted by Justin Bane

About a month ago, I suffered a severe accident that left me with multiple fractures in my left leg(one of which nearly caused the bone to come through the skin), torn tendons, and a severely dislocated and separated ankle. So far I have had one big surgery that included 6 screws and a plate to fuse the bone back together, repair the torn tendon, and 3 pins to bring my foot and ankle back together. Before it is all said and done, I will more than likely have at least one more smaller surgery to remove the pins.

The reason I share this and the reason that this will be the launching point for a series of shows, is because from the moment the accident happened all the way through until the time that the healing process was started, I have had to face many internal issues and have thus far been reminded of many lessons along the way. Lessons that I had put in the back of my mind, until I was confronted by them and forced to face them head on. Throughout this series, we will confront these themes together in a series of short shows, blogs, and stories. I hope you will join me and share your experiences as well.

I know it may seem silly to some, that a “tough guy” like me would seem to be complaining and comparing something so normal as a broken leg to something that has been completely life changing. But if you will allow me to continue, maybe some background into who I am and was up until this event will help you understand where I am coming from. I mean it sounds silly to me too, I have considered deleting this more times than I can count while writing it. But for some reason, it seems like something that I need to do.

In all my years, I have never been injured this badly before. I was always strong, smart, capable and careful enough to avoid anything like this, even though I have spent my adult life working in jobs and environments where injuries like this and worse are common. I have always been the shoulder, the rock, and the foundation. I have survived being stabbed and shot at, been involved in riots and chaotic melees and brawls where everything not nailed down was now a weapon, and where physical altercation was almost a certainty everyday. So when I broke my leg while performing such a mundane task as simply walking across a parking lot, it was something that I had great trouble understanding and coming to terms with.

How in the hell does this happen? How do I survive so many potential brushes with death and/or serious bodily harm, just to be done in by a stupid patch of invisible ice and completely wreck an important part of my body!? A part of my body that is needed not only for my quality of life, but for my very livelihood.

My strong will, strong body, strong soul, and strong mind would never let this happen to me before, so why now? But as I sit here, unable to do the things I could before this injury has left me feeling helpless for the first time in my life. I am moving around now (almost a month later) but hardly like I did before. I am unable to work or do the things I want to do. I can only do a very limited amount and type of exercise. Because of my reliance on strength and raw power, I am now reminded of just how very human I am. How easily even the strongest among us can be broken when we forget the rest of ourselves.

Throughout this series we will explore the lessons I have forgotten over the past couple of years. Some of those will include; Humility, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Compassion, Empathy, and others. Fitting how this will be the first KOA produced content after a period of fracturing and healing in it’s own way. I hope you will join me and I hope you will enjoy. Let us share and learn together, and as always, until next time……

Awaken the Knight Within!


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