Looking for Community works!

As part of our commitment to community outreach and awareness at the Knights Of Awakening, we are looking for original stories, articles, blog posts, discussions, art, music, teachings, or other that you have come across in your groups or communities that we can feature and help bring attention to in a future Knights Of Awakening project.

These works are not limited, and can be anything you find inspirational, insightful, useful, or worth sharing. All attributions will be given to the original authors and creators. These works would be used across all of our platforms (Video, Shows, and others). We would need the original authors/creators permission to use. The purpose for this is simple, there is some great stuff going on out there and we want everyone to know about it!

You can send your submissions to knightsofawakening@gmail.com

Thank you so much for your support for the Knights Of Awakening! Until next time……

Awaken the Knight Within!


You can find us at:





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