The Road to Recovery and New Beginnings. Part 3: Mindfulness- Choose to participate.

The Road to Recovery and New Beginnings. Part 3: Mindfulness- Choose to participate.

A Knights Of Awakening Radio and Blog series

Hosted by Justin Bane

Welcome to part 3 of this new series! In the last episode I shared with you how in the blink of an eye, everything changed for me. How lessons come at us from all angles and all places, sometimes hard and fast. I hope you enjoyed it and I look forward to continuing with this second part with you!

As we talked about in part 2, being in a state of Gratitude requires a few parts to make it work. Today we are going to talk about one of those parts…being Mindful and being present in the moments in our lives. Life is a sum total of moments, whether we are aware of the details or not. Like most people, I fall into the numbers trap most of the time, focusing more on the tick marks rather than the details. Moments in our lives are governed by numbers on a clock or dates on a calendar. I’m not saying that it is wrong or bad, because these numbers are important to sync us together with each other and with the important stuff in our lives that we need to do and places we need to be.

I talked about how being grateful requires us to be present within the moments, being mindful to the details and people who we are sharing those moments with. I know that we become so busy day to day, paying bills, working, taking care of family and friends, fulfilling our commitments, and so on. We put so much on our plates that it becomes very difficult to devote quality time to the individual moments in our lives. It gets to a point where, like I said in part 2 of this series, that the people start to become fixtures and everything else starts to become background noise. Most times, we are jarred into the moment by both good and bad things that happen in those moments. We snap out of the trance of everyday life most times by outside factors rather than internal influences.

Many faiths, philosophies, and life paths teach, promote and practice mindfulness. Usually it is practiced through different forms of meditation and prayer. There are also practical exercises that can be found through different disciplines, authors, and all over the internet. Each of us have a preferred methods, so the point of this article is not to tell you what methods are better. Use and practice what works for you. I will share with you a few of my favorite exercises that I have and do practice in my life. Before we get to that, I just want to point out that no matter how much we train and practice in our lives, there is always room for improvement and betterment. Even though I practice and train, I still fell victim to complacency and stagnation in more ways than I can count.

First off, I need to mention that it is imperative that we all need to take time for ourselves from time to time. We get so busy in our lives doing stuff for others that we forget and even neglect ourselves. If we neglect ourselves for too long, we then find ourselves being of no use to anyone else. Mindfulness is a personal and internal process that requires our focus and attention. It requires for us to go to those places deep within ourselves, if we ignore and neglect ourselves, this place can become dark and scary if you haven’t been in there for some time.

I practice Prayer and Meditation on a daily basis. My favorite meditation practice is a walking meditation. A walking meditation uses a different main focus point other than breathing, it uses the action and motion of our feet and body and uses breath as a secondary focus point. When you focus on the motion and movements of your body, it becomes much easier to start to notice all of the other things that are going on around you. For me when I practice a walking meditation, I start to notice the sort of ballet that is going on around me, I start to notice how I fit into that ballet.

One of my favorite practical exercises that I practice, might make me sound like a creep or stalker or something like that (LOL) but rest assured that I am not! I go to a busy place, like a mall or park, or someplace like that and I sit and observe. I focus on what people are doing, how they are acting, feel what they are feeling, try to think what they are thinking. Not only is this a good exercise in mindfulness, but a great exercise in practicing empathy. It was very difficult for me at first because there is a lot going on in those kind of places. After a while it becomes easier and you will find a whole new world open up to you when you learn to focus and attune yourself to the moment.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Listen to part to the radio broadcast of this topic over at the Knights Of Awakening Youtube channel. Stay tuned for part 4 of this series coming soon! Until next time………..

Awaken the Knight Within!


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