Knights Of Awakening Live show 03/30/2016: Afterthoughts.

KOA RadioSo today we had our first Live broadcast in about 2 years.  I have to admit a couple of things right off the bat;  1. I forgot how nerve racking it can be, to go Live on the air (no matter how many times you have done it before).  2. After listening to the show a few times during the editing process for the YouTube channel, just how rusty I am after all that time of being away from it!  3.  Most importantly, man I forgot just how much FUN it is!  The only thing I wish I could change in the whole process, is that I wish speaking on the air was as easy as writing.  What I mean is, you don’t see a lot of “ummm” when you are reading stuff.  I may have to go back to the game where I have people count the number of times I say “ummmm” on the air.

Even though I was really rusty, and had a rough start to the show, I really did have a great time today.  It took me back to a time where it was just me and my Compatriot David, taking on the whole entire universe with nothing more than fire in our bellies and a mic in our hands.  That is one thing I will be always grateful for; Some of the best moments in my life, were captured to be enjoyed for eternity.

In today’s show, I spoke with Derek Thompson of Ashla Knights, Alethea “Ally” Thompson host of the Let’s Regroup page and series, and former Host and Friend Charles “Lightning Stike” McBride from Papahood Sorcery.  I also spent some time, talking about the series that I am hosting, “The Road to Recovery and New Beginnings”.   Speaking of the interview with Master Derek Thompson of Ashla Knights, I will be posting the bonus audio of the interview in a video over at our YouTube channel.



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