The Road to Recovery and New Beginnings. Part 6: Will-Life hits like a B#$%@

In part 5, I shared with you some of the low points in my journey. Today, I am going to share a renewed fire and spirit! It has been one hell of a ride since February 4, 2016. I have had to deal with some depression, a lot of sleepless nights, pain that made me cringe and cry sometimes, frustration that made me want to lash out on unsuspecting victims, and projecting my anger and frustration onto those who love and care for me just to name a few.

2016 started off being the most horrible year that I can recall in my time on earth. At least from a personal standpoint. Let’s do a quick rundown:

  1. I broke my leg in several places, resulting in surgery and more recently being diagnosed with a Blood Clot because of the surgery (which by the way, is still there). We will talk about this specifically in a bit.

  2. Everyone in my house has either had the Flu or other serious respiratory illness.

  3. My 3rd oldest, had a ruptured Appendix that required emergency surgery and a 5 day hospital stay because of the massive infection.

  4. My 2nd oldest had my first Grandson (which is AWESOME!) but then he had to spend a few days in the Hospital for an unknown virus or illness.

The best part is, it is only April!

So, I was diagnosed with a small blood clot because of the surgery. I am grateful that they had the foresight to check and address the issue before it became a long term problem or even worse potential death. But that is where it went from good to bad. From there they sent me to the Emergency Room, to which I got lectured and questioned as to why I was there and why did they not “deal” with it themselves. I was given some medicine and was told to follow up with my primary Dr. in a week. I followed up and was told that they did not want to deal with it either and that they would refer me to some kind of specialist. Just as a foot note; they tell you that blood clots are extremely dangerous and also tell you that the medicine is a lifeline and that you cannot miss one single dose and that the doses must be at the same time every day.

So the referral was made and approved a few days after it was sent. A whole week goes by and I am 2 days away from being out of medicine. I go and try and follow up and nobody knows what to do or who is supposed to be responsible. No one wants to refill the medicine and I am running out of time. In the very same breath they tell me how dangerous it is without the medicine, but also tell me that they do not want to have the responsibility to refill it. I am no closer to an appointment either to get it rechecked. They finally begrudgingly refill the medicine for a week.

Week three is now upon me and 2 days before my “Life saving” medicine runs out again, they finally see me for a re-evaluation. They do the scan and see that it is still there. No bigger or smaller, just sitting there like before. Then they tell me that they cannot give me more medicine because it is someone elses responsibility until next week. So here I go again, fighting to get “life saving” medication from the same people who don’t want to be responsible for it. But want to preach how important it is.

So I have spent the past couple of months cursing this year thus far. But isn’t this when the Strong show what they are made of? Isn’t it in times of hardship and grief that we find a way to overcome? When the very Universe seems to be conspiring against you, isn’t that the time to stand up and fight? I certainly think so. When Life hits you and knocks you to the ground, you have to get back up and say “You hit like a B%$#%”!

All of you have followed me throughout the past 2 months. In these two months, I have found a renewed vigor and zest. I am crushing physical therapy and should be back to good in no time. I will push through the pain! I will push through the lack of sleep. I will push through the aggravation and frustration. I will get up and dust myself off and say “You hit like a B#$@%”!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and listening to the shows over at our Facebook and YouTube channel! I love you all very much Knights, and until next time………

Awaken the Knight Within!


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