Force Realists is Coming Back!

So it came to my attention that due to some audio problems, Force Realist does not have any real content for the KoA platform anymore.  Then today I got a message from my friend Michael Kaede

I have been on a sojourn for some time now, having returned from the outback and changing my life path. University studies have demanded much of my time and will continue to do so for years to come, so for the meantime, I have stepped away from the community at large; mostly maintaining contact with a few Jedi, but occasionally stopping into groups to see how things are going, and I worry about the things I see.

In past conversations with Alethea I have pondered if, or when, a deranged lunatic with delusions of grandeur goes on a violent crime spree in our name; striking down champions of the Dark Side, bringing balance to the Force or some such. I have wondered when we would suffer the same criticisms offered to other religious and philosophic paths, and feared that in such a time, those criticisms would be accurate.

It is a worry when one sees a thing he fears come to pass.

My greatest fear for the Jedi is that we become a mainstream religion, and fair-weather lip service becomes the norm amongst those who walk the Path. “I’ve watched the movies, I can be a Jedi now.” I see this already unfolding in some facets of this community; the degredation of standards, the lack of depth in the teachings of some, the fragile, desperate egos of others. Arrogance, ignorance, a lack of self-control, closed-minded attitudes. The very antithesis of Jedi ideals are on display.

I see words like ‘charlatan’ being used, an accusation I see as being dangerously close to ‘heretic’, a phrase I shudder to think of being used by those on this path. There are no, and should never be, concepts such as ‘heresy’ and ‘apostasy’ within the Jedi Church. We should primarily be concerned with Justice, and Good, not evangelism.

Already I have been told in Jedi Church threads that the ‘beliefs of others are not for discussion, because it is their religion’ and that I had ‘no right’ to debate ideology with them, as they’d adopted it as their theology. I am seeing Jedi who are incapable, or worse, unwilling, to think critically or self-reflect. More often than not I find myself debunking hoax images, repeated memetically. I have seen flawed, or incorrect ideas go unchallenged and undiscussed, instead, taken to be truth, as though part of some gospel sermon.

The myriad Facebook orders already lower the standards and harm the image of the Path; little better than echo chambers of self-help quotes and motivational images. In other situations they’re not much better than Star Wars fan communities. It seems any fool with a few pictures and ten minutes to spare can call themself “Master” and found an “Order”.

Ultimately, I see Jedi failing to be Jedi, and twisting the very meaning of this path to suit their own inability to become Jedi.

After putting these two together, it seems that there is a world of exploration that can come from bringing back Force Realists.  So I am going to take this opportunity to bring it back.  Force Realist will not be my primary project, as Let’s Regroup is where my main focus is going to be, but I guess it wasn’t time to retire my old project either.

Let me know the topics you want to explore and what prospective you would like to be presented (the Dark, the Light, the Shadow, somewhere in between?).  This platform flourishes because of you.


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