Snips Speaks Out

BACKGROUND: ┬áThis was posted on Facebook as a response to Justin’s recent video Social Justice, Politics and the Jedi┬áby a woman we call “Snips”

Okay I had to pause this in order to write down my thoughts. Looking at that article….oh boy. Okay, so for those that do not know, I am in social justice. In a few months, I will be recognized by the state to uphold the ethics and values of social work. Today, I do that but it’s in a degree, not the law. With that being said, here are my thoughts on this:

Personally, from what I have seen, people herd together. In no way, shape or form, have I ever seen an instance where everyone can live in peace and harmony together. We are so defined by our beliefs and culture that it is virtually impossible for us not to collide on certain things. Personally, I agree with segregation. People should have the right to live and hang out with who and where they want without having others being forced on them. I say that because I see that is where the chaos comes from: whites don’t want to be around blacks, blacks don’t want to be around Hispanics, the rich doesn’t want to be around the poor….and we see social injustice where they are forced to do so. There are people out there that love the idea of living in harmony but as a society, we don’t accept it and I don’t care what anyone says, it doesn’t exist as a whole. Yes, this view allows close mindedness with individuals but if that is the life they choose, who am I to fight against that. Professionally, I will not stand for segregation. If my client comes to me and states that they wants to work in Rochester (high class city in my area) then I am going to do what I possibly can to see that they gets there on a bus if need be. It is my job as a professional to fight for them, however I do not see it as being my “life’s work as a human being”.

I stand for human rights, not civil. Sorry but I don’t. People have a right to employment, they need it to survive in this society. I fight for that. People have a right to food, it is needed to survive. People have a right to drink free water, it is needed to survive. People do not have a right to use whatever bathroom they choose. That is a privileged to me. I am not, personally, going to fight for that. That is on them…not me. If it was a right, all humans would have it…and they don’t. So, touching on the subject of privilege (the article), in no way shape or form am I going to put others before myself. There is a difference between empathy and just flat out not having self respect. I am not going to go around and force organizations to allow more of one group. That is their choice if they want more whites than blacks. In my area, there are more blacks than whites. I am not going to go around and scream “racism” because I understand that people herd. Blacks like blacks, whites like whites. It does not intrude on others in my view. I am for educating people, but not making them feel like crap because they are not doing what I think they should be doing.

People have a right to feel how they do. To deny that right is to tell others that their opinions or feelings are mute. It is saying “I don’t care if you feel that you are being forced to do something. You are being unfair and it’s my job to see that you stop.” No. It’s like teaching a child that “no” means something but then when they say it to you, it means nothing. It teaches the child that what they want is not valid and they end up growing up never being able to say “no”. If no means nothing and no one listens to it when I say it, why bother saying it? It’s the same concept. You tell people they have a right to their feelings. “Express yourself. Don’t allow others to define you.” and then turn right around and say “Oh no. Your feelings are wrong.” Like seriously, oxymoron statement. You are denying individuals to be individuals and pushing the idea that everyone should be the same: think the same, feel the same, act the same. It does not allow people to feel good about who and what they are. It’s wrong in my opinion. Now thinking about it, we kind of see the same type of behavior with victims of rape or violence…but that’s for another day.

I defend people’s right to hate. It’s not my job to try to convince people that they are wrong. Whatever, you want to hate someone because they have different values, by all means do it…but the moment that hate stops them from eating or feeding their families, we are going to have problems. And nobody is going to make me feel like I don’t deserve that right. Nobody is going to sit there and tell me that I am Jedi or not, or that I am a horrible person because of it. My opinions matter. I have enough self respect to sit there and say “Sorry you feel that way but I don’t.” That does not mean that I am not open to learning…anyone that knows me knows that if you can give me enough “proof” of something, I am going to admit that I am wrong….because I do understand that I don’t know everything.

Okay. I’m stopping now before I keep talking. This is long enough and I haven’t even finished this video yet LOL