Are Police Really Racists? Pt.3

This is long.  Like, really long.  Tomorrow we’ll pick up with the consolidated list, this just tells you how we got to tomorrow’s list.  Anyways, here’s where the real work starts.  Beginning with all the remaining counties that have 1 black person fatal encounter which was not listed previously.

California- Imperial, 24,974 (White Population) and 7,394 (Black Population)
Occurred in 2014, none in 2013 or 2015.  There might be a problem with the Imperial County deputies, but looking over the years as far back as 2003, they seem to only target the largest population (Latino-133,731) on average.  That said, the little bit of information on this particular case in 2014, it seems to me that the officers involved may have needed reprimanding.  But there simply isn’t enough to make a definitive case.

Colorado- Las Animas, 8,574 (White Population) and 281 (Black Population)
Occurred in 2015, the subject pointed a gun at the officers according to the summary.  As long as the summaries can be believed, then this does not equal racism.

Georgia- Lee, 21,739 (White Population) and 5,452 (Black Population)
There might be something here, the subject was wanted on assault charges, officers fought with him to restrain him, and eventually shot him.  Unfortunately, Georgia is not one of the 28 states listed as being believed to have a full account of all records.  But if it is any consolation, the only other listing under Lee County comes from 2005, and it’s a white guy….given that this was an isolated incident, and in 2013- it’s probably safe to say that it’s not a habit of Lee County to shoot people- or at the very least, it was corrected after the fact.  Soooooo….inconclusive.

Gordon, 44,764 (White Population) and 2,509 (Black Population)
The suspect was waving around a rifle and threatened to kill his estranged wife and himself.  He pointed it at the deputies, and they shot him.  Again, race not a factor…

Hawaii- Maui, 69,679 (White Population) and 2,332 (Black Population)
So this guy was supposedly impersonating an officer, when officers approached him he turned around walked away, then opened fire on them.  Since he seems to have initiated the gunfight…it’s not race.

Illinois- Boone, 41,431 (White Population) and 1,523 (Black Population)
Guy tried to kill his wife and kid, officers shot to save them.  Race not a factor.
Indiana- St. Joseph, 42,020 (White Population) and 663 (Black Population)
The suspect was in the middle of stabbing his daughter to death.  Race not a factor.
White, 22,704 (White Population) and 175 (Black Population)
Armed robbery, guy took off in a vehicle, ended up in a shootout with the cops at the end of it- race not a factor.

Kansas- Cowley, 30,768 (White Population) and 1,446 (Black Population)
Suspect tried to run the deputy to death?  He gripped the deputy’s wrist, and accelerated his vehicle…pretty sure race had nothing to do with this either.  Seriously, you should read some of these stories- I had to track this one down using the suspect’s name, but yeah….it didn’t matter if the suspect was white, latino, etc- this shooting would have happened.

Kentucky- Daviess, 88,630 (White Population) and 5,865 (Black Population)
Yup…another one where the suspect opened fire first….race not a factor…
Lyon, 7,753 (White Population) and 478 (Black Population)
This one killed a trooper, fled, then when he wouldn’t put his gun down, officers opened fire…race not a factor.
Lousiana- Evangeline, 23,380 (White Population) and 9,919 (Black Population)
Pepper Spray.  Guy was wrestling with his girlfriend, officer’s tried to subdue him, he reacted poorly to pepper spray.  Not a race thing.
St. Bernard, 25,316 (White Population) and 6,781 (Black Population)
Suspect had gotten done stabbing a deputy.  Considered armed and dangerous, anyone would have shot this person if they .  Race not a factor.  That said, without more information, I can’t tell you whether or not it was justified.  I don’t know if the suspect still had a weapon on them, or if the officers did it because they were defending their own.  Stab victim was released from the hospital shortly after.

Michigan- Gratiot, 37,501 (White Population) and 2,511 (Black Population)
Robbery gone wrong, an off-duty officer was on-site when a guy tried to rob a White Castle with a BB gun.  When he didn’t put the weapon down, the officer shot him.  Yep, this black narrative seems to be getting really difficult to prove.  But I’m sure there will be a few counties left.  We’re not done.

Nebraska- Madison, 29,426 (White Population) and 754 (Black Population)
Actually, this one might be significant.  There’s not enough information, but the death was caused by a taser.  BUT, the officer was also slightly injured, suggesting a legitimate struggle….soooo…yeah….not a race thing…disregard.
New York- Chautaugqua, 122,539 (White Population) and 5,046 (Black Population)
Okay, this one might be the one.  But New York is considered one of the states that is most likely complete.  There was one other listing of a death that would have been counted if I did all the years…he was white, and it was in 2006.  So it’s not a habit the police in the county have.  Another county makes the safe list!
Columbia, 56,766 (White Population) and 3,684 (Black Population)
Here’s one of those medical emergencies I wasn’t sure whether or not to include.  It was blamed on cocaine later, but there was a physical altercation between the suspect and the police.  That occurred after the police tried to confront him about his agitated and disoriented walk alongside the highway…Tossed out, not a race thing.
Oklahoma- Grant, 4,239 (White Population) and 58 (Black Population)
Subject opened fire first, deputies shot back- after he tried to break into home and was acting (alledgedly) irradically…nope…not race.
Osage , 33,645 (White Population) and 6,009 (Black Population)
Inconclusive, subject was on property he was previously banned from, during the chase, the officers tasered him, subject ended up dying.  So this could be a race thing.  So far there are two counties in this list that are possibly race related.

Oregon- Sherman, 1,639 (White Population) and 7 (Black Population)
This one just happened to be in the county, from what I can tell.  From what I can find, he was actually from Portland and was trying to get out of the area with his kids.  When he was pulled over by a state trooper, the subject opened fire on the trooper.  Trooper fired back and killed him.  So in this, the demographic is very much unreflective of what is actually going on in the county.

Texas- Jasper, 27,336 (White Population) and 6,266 (Black Population)
Another “possibly”.  This guy was subdued using a choke hold while being restrained after he struck the officers issuing him a warrant for several violent crimes, and he died of asphyxiation.  Like the aforementioned stabbing incident, it could have been retaliation for hurting an officer.  But unlike the other one, we’ll put this in the “inconclusive” category.  Took place in 2013, no incidents since- so even if it was, looks like it has been taken care of.
Bastrop, 43,533 (White Population) and 6,661 (Black Population)
She was unarmed, but officers may have thought she had a gun on her person.  We’ll put this one in the category of inconclusive as well- since the officers were called to the scene after a 911 call said shots had been fired from the home.  Took place in 2014, nothing since, only other incident was the year before with a Latino man that did have a weapon on his person.  The Latino population is about half of what the white population is, so that can’t really be chalked up to being statistically significant.
Cherokee, 32,545 (White Population) and 8,055 (Black Population)
Subject pulled out a machete and moved in on the officer.  Race not a factor.
Virginia- Campbell, 45,389 (White Population) and 8,334 (Black Population)
Officers tried to talk him down, he had his 3-year-old son hostage.  Guy took shots at the officers, they shot back- son was unharmed.  Race not a factor.
Culpeper, 34,484 (White Population) and 8,297 (Black Population)
Tasered.  Nothing prior to 2015 for a black person, but there is a black fatal encounter in 2016.  We’ll throw this in the inconclusive pile as well.
James City, 53,374 (White Population) and 9,726 (Black Population)
Subject pinned the officer down with his vehicle, officer shot him.  Race not a factor.
York, 50,165 (White Population) and 9,830 (Black Population)
Suspect pulled a gun on the officer.  Officer shot back.  Race not a factor.

Washington- Whatcom, 170,423 (White Population) and 3,762 (Black Population)
Subject fired at SWAT.  SWAT fired back.  Race not a factor.

West Virginia- Berkeley, 91685 (White Population) and 9210 (Black Population)
Lots of things going on here.  We’ll put it in the inconclusive file despite the subject having stabbed an officer before being shot.  He was disobeying orders, officers used a taser twice to no avail.  Subject stabbed an officer during a scuffle.  So yeah, we’ll place this one in inconclusive.  Happened in 2013, no incidents since.

Up to this point, we have 6 counties that are listed as inconclusive (Chelan, WA; Osage, OK; Jasper, TX; Bastrop, TX; Culpeper, VA; Berkley, WV).  Given that in a three year time period 1 person does not make  pattern, you simply cannot make a comprehensive case against the county’s officers.

Moving on, let’s look over the counties which have ratios that are similar between black and white fatal encounters.  This means they fall within 20,000 of each other in a 1:(number) population.  There’s not many, we have a lot more counties to go through, so don’t worry, we’ll probably find more than a few that match the BLM narrative.  And if we do, then that’s where you can focus your efforts.

California- San Bernardino 1:55,021 White (13) and 1: 73,865 Black(3)
Kern 1: 33,860 White (10) and 1: 30,495 Black(2)

Georgia- Chatam 1:45,819 White (3) and 1: 36,768 Black(3)

South Carolina- Anders 1:29,956 White (5) and 1:15,964 Black(2)

Texas- Dallas 1:47,611 White (17) and 1:42,928 Black(13)
McLennan 1: 17,657 White (8) and 1: 18,849 Black(2)

Let’s be reasonable and agree that these 6 counties really aren’t significantly different.  That leaves us with 110 counties left.  Given that there are 3,143 we had to work through, I’d say we are making a lot of progress- wouldn’t you?  But let’s be fair, the remaining counties account for over half of the black population (US population is 43,213,173; the remaining counties account for 23,098,525).

Let’s keep going, shall we?  We’re just going to go down the state list.


Madison 2 White (227,930); 2 Black (84,699)
One of the black suspects came at the officer with a knife.  Not race related.  The other one was shot at after a chase- but the guy tried to run the officers over with his vehicle, so it’s not race related either.  Madison in the clear.

Mobile 0 White (248,472); 3 Black (146,286)
One suspect came out with a gun on him, he wouldn’t surrender, officers shot him.  Another one opened fire on officers.  And the other one got the officer’s taser, tried to use it on the officer, officer shot him.  Mobile cleared.

Jefferson 0 White (345,431); 5 Black (281,632)
One tried to run the officer over.  Another one happened at a club, off-duty officer shot the guy after the guy opened fire first.  Off-duty officer did attempt pepper spray though.  Incident involving a drug raid, guy shot at the officers, they shot back.  During a welfare check, this guy pointed a gun a the officers.  Last one in 2014 might be an indication- there was a struggle during a traffic stop (seriously people, it’s a traffic stop…).  Anyways, that person go shot.  So that’s 1 in a three year span.  We’ll draw this county at inconclusive.

Alabama Score: 1 County Inconclusive- Jefferson

Maricopa 39 White (2,305,943); 11 Black (243,970)
Guy shot at officers, officers shot back.  Next up we have a guy that managed to hide under a trampoline, wounded an officer and a police K9 before getting shot himself.  He was being chased because he was trespassing and making threats at a local business complex.  So if there was some sort of race thing involved here, it was most likely the business, not the cops.  Another incident involved a female with a hammer held over her head as she went to attack an officer at the door of her home.  They were picking her up for health treatment- there was mental illness as a factor.  This one might have been an issue.  Guy was confronted over drug dealing, he put his hand at his waist, officers shot him.  Another drug related incident, guy reached into his pocket to get his Oxycodon pills, officers shot him because they thought he had a gun on him and that he would reach for it.  2 out of the 11 so far.  Off-duty DOT officer shot at someone he thought was a burglar, but the details are sketchy, so we now have 3 of nine incidents.  Next incident up, guy spilled hot liquid on an officer and kicked him, subject was tasered, he died shortly thereafter. Officers responded because there was a suspected fight that occurred.  Next we have a subject trying to run an officer over, officer shot.  Another incident where the subject tried to use his vehicle as a deadly weapon, ramming the patrol vehicle, officers shot him.  And finally, guy fired at officer, officer fired back.

For three out of the 11 incidents, this county might be somewhere BLM can focus their efforts to improve relations with the police.

Arizona Score: 1 County Needs Some Work- Maricopa
Alabama Score: 1 County Inconclusive- Jefferson
Pulaski 1 White(217,227); 5 Black (138,825)
This one is a bit sketchy.  Officers were called out because of a series of car burglaries, during the manhunt the individual got shot at.  Simply because we can’t be sure if race was a factor, we’ll start with this county as being inconclusive.  There were at least two others arrested in connection to this particular burglary incident.  Second incident, officer thought he saw a gun FALL from the waist of the suspect, so he fired.  There might be something here.  We’ll keep this in inconclusive, simply because this one makes you wonder, and the first one isn’t exactly something we can use as the example.  Third time is the charm, looks like BLM could work on this county some.  Guy got shot because of a cane.  So I won’t bore you with the other incidents.  We’re just going to go ahead and put it on the list.

Arkansas Score: 1 County BLM SHOULD be staking out- Pulaski

Los Angeles: 22 White(2,897,891); 37 Black (1,005,298)
4 questionable, 2 not enough information, 1 was purely bad luck (guy sustained a laceration, while one of the responding officers ended up with a broken hand), and one appears to be unjustified at all.  Soooo….at least 5 out of the 37.  We’ll put this in the pile of BLM could probably support the community here.
Orange: 12 White(1,395,969); 3 Black (75,739)
Weapons all around, Orange County cleared.
Riverside: 9 White(912,006); 9 Black (176,844)
1 questionable, all others involved weapons.  7 were in 2013, and then one in each of the years following.  One does not make a pattern, and if there was a problem it appears to have been resolved.  Riverside cleared.
Santa Clara: 8 White(673,756); 2 Black (65,225)
Both involved weapons.  Santa Clara cleared.
San Diego: 6 White(1,585,593); 2 Black (207,978)
Gun involved in one, and the other was a crazy scene where they both reached for the gun after both being hit by the taser.  San Diego cleared.
Alameda: 5 White(564,179); 17 Black (223,476)
3 questionable, 1 didn’t need to happen but is somewhat understandable, 3 understandable- involving a call regarding their mental health issues.  4 out of 19 earns this county a need to help review the problems on-going in the area.  So we’ll place this in the category of BLM could probably help them out.
Contra Costa: 2 White(535,742); 2 Black (117,167)
Weapons all around.  Contra Costa cleared.
San Francisco: 2 White(360,403); 2 Black (60,596)
Weapons all around. San Francisco cleared.
Solano: 1 White(185,721); 4 Black (73,977)
Weapons all around, all confined to 2013.  Solano cleared.

California Score: 2 counties might need some BLM support- Los Angeles and Alameda.

Arapahoe- 3 White (376,145); 2 (70,650)
First guy had gun, wouldn’t put it down, officers shot him.  Second incident was SWAT getting trigger happy in close quarters.  That’s not a race thing though, it’s either poor training or tunnel vision.
Colorado Cleared

Fairfield: 1 White (621,400); 2 Black (115,475)
Suspect pointed a gun at the officers.  The other guy had a shotgun on him, fell, and as soon as he stood up was shot.  That’s not really a race thing, especially given that the guy had just been witnessed by the officer as bullying a gay male with the shotgun prior to the detective responding.
Connecticut Cleared

New Castle: 3 White (340,446); 2 Black (138, 345)
One guy in a wheelchair shot.  The other guy went into cardiac arrest after being tasered twice (first time the taser didn’t work).  The second incident can be excused, the guy was fighting a bunch of officers off of him before they used the taser.  First incident makes this inconclusive.

Delaware Score: 1 County Inconclusive- New Castle

Miami-Dade: 6 White (397,963); 18 Black (503,069)
A few understandable, 2 incidents (involving 3 people) questionable, 1 taser incident over a man beating dogs (I’ll let you interpret that on your own), the rest involved some sort of weapon.  We’ll place this one in inconclusive.
Duval: 1 White (505,878); 12 Black (269,368)
There’s enough here to place it into the inconclusive category.
Broward: 2 White (784,967); 8 Black (500,832)
2 questionable, all others completely understandable, this one will get placed in the inconclusive file.
Palm Beach: 5 White (808,815); 6 Black (245,194)
1 doesn’t have enough information, 1 understandable, we’ll place this one in inconclusive.
Orange: 3 White (546,029); 7 Black (264,184)
1 seems pretty understandable- rookie cop tried everything (it appears) and then ended up shooting.  We’ll give it a pass.  All of the others had weapons involved, or were reasonably believed to utilize weapons.  Orange County cleared.
Leon: 1 White (167,971); 4 Black (87,092)
1 questionable, but given the circumstances it is somewhat understandable why it happened.  1 out of 4 doesn’t make a pattern though.  Leon cleared.
Hillsborough: 5 White (680,952); 3 Black (228,403)
Weapons all around.  Hillsborough cleared.
Brevard: 4 White (431,934); 3 Black (62,363)
One is a bit questionable as to who the instigator was, but given that the officer couldn’t be sure at all, and the guy was wanted for firing 9 rounds in his brother’s home, this really isn’t the officer’s fault.  But all of these suspects were armed when they were shot.  Brevard cleared.
St. Lucie: 0 White (174,006); 3 Black (57,564)
Weapons all around.  St. Lucie cleared.
Alachua: 1 White (162,406); 2 Black (53,675)
Weapons all around. Alachua cleared.
Putnam: 1 White (55,006); 2 Black (12,728)
All involved weapons.  Putnam cleared
Florida Score: 3 counties inconclusive- Miami-Dade, Duval and Palm Beach.

Gwinnett- 4 White (366,891); 3 Black (207,767)
I think you’ve gotten a pretty good idea at this point of how we’re looking at stuff, so we’ll just list numbers from here on out, otherwise you’ll be reading all day.  This one, 1 of the three probably didn’t need to be.  But it’s cleared.

Cobb- 3 White (133,236); 3 Black (185,134)
All involved a weapon, cleared.

DeKalb- 1 White (211,587); 9 Black (388,598)
Two of the 9 are questionable.  Considering the black population is greater than the white population, we’ll throw this into inconclusive.  This one requires a bit of explanation.  It seems no one is angry about the Troy Robinson taser incident, but rather what happened afterwards.  The guy fell from a billboard after being tasered (which is why this is listed as questionable, I can’t find an account of what happened that led to the taser deployment), and no one rendered aid.  That’s not the problem here.  In fact, with a number of suspected injuries involved, the best thing the police could have done was NOT render aide, and wait for qualified EMTs to show up.  Sadly the guy died because the response time wasn’t quick enough.  Again, my question is of the taser deployment, not the incident afterwards.  That said, the first incident was a naked guy running at the officer.  Mental Illness being a factor aside, there’s no telling what was going through that officer’s head.  So inconclusive.

Fulton- 1 White (388,638); 8 Black (421,131)
After 2, I stopped looking.  This county could stand to have some BLM support.

Georgia Score: 1 county Inconclusive- DeKalb; 1 County SHOULD have BLM support- Fulton

Cook- 6 White (2,338,513); 28 Black (1,352,138)
3 are questionable, but one of the three had a knife on him that he wouldn’t drop while running.  But given the severity of the other 25, this really is reasonable for police in the region to respond this way, and 3 doesn’t make a pattern in the whole.  Cook cleared.
Lake- 1 White (469,130); 2 Black (56,740)
1 involved a weapon, the other was believed to have a weapon on him (and one was found near the body).  This one earns it’s place in inconclusive.

Illinois Score: 1 county inconclusive- Lake.

Allen- 0 White (279,663); 4 Black (48,492)
Weapons in all cases.  Allen Cleared.
Marion- 9 White (556,725); 12 Black (260,817)
All but three had a weapon on them, the one died from pepper spray complications, another from taser complications during a drug sting, the other one got into an altercation which ended up with the suspect knocking a taser out of the officer’s hands.  None of the incidents are really race related.

Indiana Cleared.

Jefferson- 4 White (535,807); 4 Black (165,748)
Weapons all around.
Kentucky Cleared

Caddo : 2 White (124,612); 3 Black (122,582)
Weapons in all but one involved.  Taser used in 2014 case during a struggle.  Caddo cleared.

East Baton Rouge: 1 White (210,737); 7 Black (203,206)
There’s enough here to say inconclusive.

Orleans: 1 White (108,245); 6 Black (212,111)
This one looks like it could use some work.

Jefferson: 1 White (247,412); 2 Black (118,609)
Both subjects used weapons.  Jefferson cleared.

St. Martin: 0 White ( 34,434); 2 Black (16,446)
One taser incident during a foot pursuit.  Here’s the problem with this particular case- guy had a warrant, but the police didn’t know about it until an extended family member approached the officers and informed them that she was sure he had a warrant out for his arrest.  After running his name in the database, the officers tried to place him under arrest, he led them on a foot chase, and they had to take him down. This wasn’t a race issue, this was a family member (who also happened to be a cop) that tried to mess things up for the kid at a family function.  The other incident involved someone with psychiatric issues, he fought against the taser, and eventually got shot.  That isn’t a race issue either- but rather a horrible situation that shouldn’t have really happened, and the officers probably didn’t have good enough training to deal with mental health patients.  St. Martin cleared.

West Baton Rouge: 0 White (14,132); 2 Black (9,163)
One looks pretty ridiculous, the other was completely justified- but both were in 2013.  Since then, only one other incident has occurred (white girl in 2016).  Given the relatively low population, we’ll place this in the inconclusive category, simply because it may have been resolved since.

Lousiana Score: 2 counties inconclusive- East Baton Rouge and West Baton Rouge; 1 county might need some BLM support- Orleans.

Baltimore: 3 White (518,104); 7 Black (222,669)
Two are questionable.  We’ll place this in the category of needs work.  BLM could probably do some good work here- you know if they actually do it right.  But that’s for another conversation.

Anne Arundel: 1 White (400,944); 2 Black (92,263)
Both had weapons.  Anne Arundel cleared.

Baltimore City: 0 White (181,836); 12 Black (406,057)
One questionable in 2013.    Another in 2013 ended up with the officers pepperspraying themselves, which probably created this crazy seen for anyone looking in on it.  That one we could probably chalk up to a horrible tragedy. Then there is the Freddie Gray case that sparked so much controversy.  All officers have been cleared in this instance, and we can’t know for sure what truly happened in the The only other one that was questionable was a hospital call, so if race was a factor it was the hospital, and not the officers.  And in fact, the Baltimore Police restricted their hospital responses after this particular incident.  That’s enough to place this one in the might need attention list.

Wicomico: 0 White (67,679); 3 Black (25,682)
One is questionable, but not really.  Suspect did have a gun on him, and had his hands on it in his pocket.  Officer couldn’t get him to remove his hands from his pockets.  Wicomico cleared.
Maryland Score: 2 counties might need BLM help- Baltimore County and Baltimore City.

Hampden 0 White (320,138); 2 Black (55,309)
One had a weapon, the other got into a physical altercation with the officer, got shot, got into his car and sped away, crashing later and dying.  We’ll say inconclusive.
Massachusetts Score: 1 County Inconclusive- Hampden.

Wayne: 3 White (932,583); 7 Black (764,401)
3 questionable, and another of the the tragedies landed the officer in a criminal trial.  3 is enough to question the county.  BLM could focus efforts here.

Oakland: 2 White (923,884); 3 Black (176,672)
2 of the three had weapons.  The other one was actually subdued by security officers, and there was pepper spray involved.  He died of asphyxiation.  Oakland cleared.

Barrien: 0 White (122,356); 2 Black (26,128)
Both involved a weapon, but one was only “technically” justified because of the way the law is written in the state.  Considering the subject had pointed his gun at each officer before running off, it’s probably safe to say that this wasn’t race related.  But we’ll place it in the inconclusive category anyway.

Genesee: 0 White (318,301); 3 Black (94,682)
All involved a weapon.  One was wrestling for the officer’s weapon.  Genesee cleared.
Michigan Score: 1 county inconclusive- Barrien.

Clarke: 0 White (10,746); 2 (5,822)
1 involved a weapon, the other one was a guy choked out in the middle of a horse incident…kind of confusing.  Inconclusive.
Harrison: 0 White (129,358); 2 (44,027)
Weapons in both incidents.  Harrison Cleared.
Madison: 0 White (53,814); 2 (36,858)
Both involved weapons, Madison Cleared.
Mississippi Score: 1 county Inconclusive- Clarke

St. Louis: 2 White (702,933); 6 Black (243,700)
There is enough here to draw the line at a inconclusive.  Most of the incidents involved weapons.  Three of them were kinda sketchy, one of which an be chalked up to tunnel vision (drug raid), but the circumstances surrounding the reason for the raid is up in the air.  So inconclusive.
St. Louis City: 1 White (140,185); 14 Black (162,325)
1 questionable, but out of 14 that’s not a pattern.  St. Louis City cleared.
Jackson: 7 White (440,749); 4 Black (174,263)
Two involved a weapon.  One was believed to have a weapon on him, but it -might- have been avoided.  The other one was tasered, cuffed and EMTs were called on scene, but he had already died.  Inconclusive.
Missouri Score: 2 Counties Inconclusive- St. Louis and Jackson

Hennepin: 9 White (854,755); 3 Black (158,551)
2 out of three definitely justified, last one sketchy, but not a race related issue.

Ramsey: 1 White (352,666); 3 Black (66,616)
Weapons all around.
Minnesota Cleared.

Douglas: 6 White (381,694); 4 Black (68,791)
Weapons all around, (for the record, I’m including weapons that can be misconstrued as real, like the airsoft gun used to hold up the Wendy’s in this particular case.  That said, the number of shots was probably overkill.  But it’s not a race thing).
Nebraska Cleared.

New Mexico
Barnallio: 7 White (285,792); 2 Black (28,524)
Weapons all around.
New Mexico Cleared.

New Jersey
Bergen: 1 White (577,610); 2 Black (64,606)
Both had a deadly weapon.  Bergen cleared.
Cumberland: 0 White (81,233); 2 Black (36,595)
Both incidents appear uncalled for.  BLM could put some support here.
Hudson: 0 White (204,100); 4 Black (104,537)
Weapons in 3 of the cases, pepper spray in a fight resulted in one death.  Hudson cleared.
Mercer: 0 White (204,766); 4 Black (80,995)
One case out of the four is questionable.  Inconclusive
New  Jersey Score: 1 county might need some BLM support- Cumberland.  1 county inconclusive- Mercer.

New York
Kings 2 White (921,489); 8 Black (945,457)
There might have been something between 2013-2014, but no incidents occurred in 2015 where a black individual was involved in a fatal encounter.  There were a couple of questionable incidents in the 8.  We’ll place this one in inconclusive as there is no sure way to tell whether or not the problem has been resolved.  There have been 3 incidents in 2016, however, and each one involved the suspect using a weapon- in one case the guy was beating the officer through his open driver’s car window.
Queens 2 White (645,048); 2 Black (502,728)
One involved a weapon, the other was a robbery gone wrong.  Neither are race related, Queens cleared.

Monroe 1 White (554,666); 2 Black (128,797)
Both incidents are perfectly reasonable.  One a taser situation when the guy rushed at the responders to his vehicle-to-church building accident and the other involved a knife.  Monroe cleared.

New York 1 White (788,451); 5 Black (320,168)
1 inconclusive, one does not make a pattern though.  The other 4 were justified. New York cleared.

Suffolk 1 White (1,086,085); 2 Black (132,723)
Neither involved a weapon, but if you read up on them, they were completely reasonable.  The one with an autistic individual is tragic, but they did try to use less than lethal force to subdue an individual that was being violent on the scene. Without more information, the only thing that can be certain is that if race was a factor, it wasn’t the officers that had the problem, it was the staff.  It’s entirely possible that the officers were not well equipped to know how to deal with the situation, and didn’t understand what the training of the group home’s was to know how they would have reacted.  Lots of factors.  Anyways, Suffolk cleared.

Richmond 0 White (305,749); 2 Black (58,804)
Inconclusive.  One of these looks like it could have been because he was black they profiled him and targeted him.  The other involved a weapon.  So inconclusive.
Westchester 0 White (557,948); 2 Black (159,366)

New York Score: 2 counties inconclusive- Kings and Richmond.

Clark: 16 White (987,873); 6 Black (245,246)
Two of the 6 incidents make this county inconclusive.  One of them we don’t have full details on what happened, the other one the guy had a cellphone in his hand that the officer mistook for a gun.  So inconclusive.
Nevada Score: 1 County Inconclusive- Clark

North Carolina
Mecklenburg 2 White (479,281); 5 Black (301,691)
Weapons in all but one incident, but the guy was running towards the officers.  One in 5 doesn’t make a pattern, especially after 300,000.  The officer was charged with voluntary manslaughter, but I’m not sure if the verdict went through.  What I can say is that the situation is too questionable to say that the situation totally could warrant a shooting though, if they really believed themselves in fear of their life.  No telling what’s in the guy’s hand- and a person in the area had called the police because they thought he was suspicious.  Tragic, truly, but not really race related on the police’s part.  Mecklenburg cleared.
Cumberland 1 White (159,957); 5 Black (127,861)
1 questionable, all others involved weapons.  But one in this high number of population doesn’t make a pattern, Cumberland cleared.
New Hanover 1 White (158,674); 3 Black (32,129)
This was actually 2 incidents.  Two of the 3 were involved in a robbery of a Pizza Hut using guns.  The other involved someone suspected of 2 first degree murders and believed to have had a gun on him when the officers fired on him.  But in the end it turned out he was unarmed.  We’ll say this particular incident is inconclusive given the sketchy details of the case, but also note that all three fatal encounters were in 2013.  Since then it’s not been an issue.  Thus New Hanover is in the clear.
Durham 0 White (116,615); 3 Black (107,250)
All involving weapons.  Durham cleared.
Forsyth 0 White (210,669); 2 Black (99,490)
We’ll place this one in the BLM could probably work with this county pile.
North Carolina Score: 1 County might need BLM support- Forsyth

Oklahoma: 11 White (451,752); 12 Black (127,678)
There’s enough evidence here to put this in a pile that suggests BLM could put some support into this county.  At least 3 of the incidents are questionable enough.

Tusla: 5 White (420,430); 4 Black (75,904)
3 incidents involved the perception of a weapon on the suspect.  The other one the officer mistook their gun for their taser.  Reviewing the material, race wasn’t a factor. Tulsa cleared.

Comanche: 0 White (78,475); 2 Black (25,713)
Weapons all around, Comanche cleared.

Oklahoma Score: 1 County might need BLM support- Oklahoma; 1 County inconclusive- Osage (see previous information to find out why, if you skipped most of this to get to the “juicy” part)

Montgomery 3 White (14,441); 4 Black (786)
Weapons in 3 of the 4 cases weapons were involved.  Fourth incident not sure what happened exactly, but it was the FBI and there was a shootout in a store.  It might be a case of the guy being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  In either case, none of this was a racial thing, so Montgomery is in the clear.

Hamilton 2 White (68,862); 4 Black (1,852)
Weapons involved in 3 of the incidents.  Fourth incident resulted in the officer getting charged with murder, but only after the footage was released.  This was a University police department, and the campus was shut down after the arrest.  Given that they resolved the issue, we can clear Hamilton county.

Cuyahoga 3 White (810,721); 9 Black (271,994)
2 are questionable.  One is tragic, but it’s not unreasonable given the situation- but quite tragic (a 12 year old with BB gun that looked a lot like a semi-automatic).  Given the circumstances in the questionable cases, we’ll say inconclusive.

Franklin 1 White (785,098); 14 Black (251,032)
Actually 12 incidents, 1 of the incidents questionable, resulted in 2 dead.  But the problem is that it followed an armed robbery with a known vehicle.  Officers chased the vehicle down, the two that died jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run.  Thing is, if they were considered armed and dangerous, them running would put the public at risk if they had guns on them.  So we’ll say inconclusive.  The other incidents all involved the suspects having weapons on them.

Lucas 0 White (188,708); 2 Black (41,182)
Both involved weapons, Lucas cleared.

Ohio Score: 2 counties inconclusive- Cuyahoga and Franklin.
Allegheny 2 White (1,005,239); 6 Black (177,366)
One questionable, but not enough to say the whole county of officers are racist.  Allegheny cleared.
Dauphin 1 White (193,179); 3 Black (55,878)
All involved suspect with weapon.  Dauphin cleared.
Chester 0 White (416,154); 2 Black (35,892)
One was definitely warranted, the other I can’t say, it was one of those vehicles ran over the suspect incidents, but after he fell off of his bicycle.  There isn’t enough in the story to explain what happened.  So we’ll put this in the inconclusive file.
Philidelphia 0 White (583,699); 9 Black (705,783)
Race is not a factor in these either, all had a weapon- or in the case one reached into his vehicle after officers told him not to move.  Philadelphia cleared.

Pennsylvania Score: 1 county inconclusive- Chester

South Carolina
Charleston:  2 White (221,279);  4 Black (107635)
3 cleared.  One was wrong, and the officer was charged with murder.  Charleston cleaned up the issue, Charleston cleared.
Greenville: 1 White (323,338); 2 Black (86,651)
All suspects armed, Greenville cleared.
Lexington: 1 White (205,515); 2 Black (40,615)
Weapons all around.  Lexington cleared.
Spartanburg: 1 White (202,631); 2 Black (61,541)
Weapons all around.  Spartanburg cleared.
Dorchester: 0 White (92,177); 2 Black (37,318)
Weapons all around, Dorchester cleared.
Florence: 0 White (75,220); 2 Black (57,761)
Weapons all around.  Florence cleared.
Richland: 0 White (179,618); 3 Black (183,134)
Weapons all around.  Richland Cleared.

South Carolina cleared.

Davidson: 1 White (370,679); 3 Black (183,013)
Each incident involved a weapon.  2 with guns, one a vehicle- which may or may not have been needed, but it doesn’t suggest race as an issue.  Davidson county cleared.
Shelby: 4 White (367,821); 8 Black (493,316)
One is questionable, officers said guy shot at them, neighbor said he didn’t.  Another one, the house caught on fire when they were trying to smoke him out.  Another one the officers tried to say that the individual pointed a gun at them, video evidence suggests that wasn’t the case.  Three of the 8 is enough to make the statement that there probably needs some attention to this area.  However, all three of the incidents occurred in 2013- and there hasn’t been a questionable incident since. So we’ll say Inconclusive.
Knox: 6 White (396,562); 2 Black (42,542)
Both incidents involved a weapon.  Knox cleared.

Tennessee Score: 1 county inconclusive- Shelby

Harris: 14 White (1,392,617); 22 Black (825,785)
2 questionable, 1 understandable (sorry, when you rush an officer, well your posing a threat- armed or not), the rest involved weapons or at least the rather reasonable suspicion of them.  2 out of 22, in over 800,000 is not enough to show a pattern- Harris cleared.
Tarrant: 10 White (964,854); 4 Black (292,086)
2 of the four had weapons involved, one based during a search warrant for narcotics, one unarmed- but the officer was fired because of the shooting.  The 3 are completely reasonable, race was not a factor in use of force.  The other incident, however, could have been partially racial in nature- except that the cop was a rookie and the department did something about it.  So Tarrant cleared.
Bexar: 4 White (539,564); 6 Black (150,419)
One is questionable as to whether or not the actual problem was the taser or the EMTs.  In either case, it was a medical emergency, they were trying to help him, not apprehend him.  So that doesn’t really count.  One is questionable, with family members and police in argument over the facts of the case involving a handgun on the person of the individual. 1 out of 6 incidents, Bexar is cleared.
Fort Bend: 2 White (219,500); 2 Black (132,685)
One was a foot chase of armed robbers, well at least they were believed to have all been armed, the other had a knife on him and a lot of things were going on (even from the video evidence). Reality is, neither were race oriented.  Fort Bend clear.

Texas Score: 2 counties inconclusive- Jasper and Bastrop

Norfolk: 1 White (113,325); 3 Black (111,086)
One questionable, but he did have a knife in his hand.  Norfolk cleared.

Alexandria City: 0 White (77,964); 2 Black (33,238)
Both incidents in 2013, second incident the officer was sentenced to 6 years.  First incident involved a weapon.  Alexandria City cleared.

Virginia Beach City: 0 White (53,154); 2 Black (845)
Both in the same incident.  One opened fire on officers, officers shot into the car and killed both of them.  There was a 4 month old baby in the backseat unharmed.  Virginia Beach City Cleared.

Virginia Score: 1 county inconclusive- Culpeper see previous information to find out why, if you skipped most of this to get to the “juicy” part)

King: 11 White (1,323,016); 6 Black (152,276)
All 6 confined to 2013.  One of which was an incident that might have been avoided.  But considering that this hasn’t been a thing since 2013 through 2015, it’s probably safe to say that that the police fixed any race related problems.

Washington Score: 1 County inconclusive- Chelan (see previous information to find out why, if you skipped most of this to get to the “juicy” part)


Milwaukee: 2 White (532,009); 6 Black (273,135)
Weapons in all by 1 case, which was a mentally ill individual back in 2013.  Any race related issues were taken care of, Milwaukee is now cleared.
Wisconsin Cleared

0 White (219,156); 11 Black (319,177)
As I mentioned earlier, this one had 6 that were unspecified.  Those were the only numbers provided in this set.  It’s a bit of a tragedy that those weren’t listed.  But since we took out all of them we’ll have to place this one on the list where BLM could probably support them.
DC- Support needed.

West Virginia
1 County inconclusive- Berkley (see previous information to find out why, if you skipped most of this to get to the “juicy” part)

You might think we’re done.  We’re not.  We’re going to go over all the inconclusive and all the ones that could use some support.  Let’s explore, is it really a race thing?  Or is it that the officers are poorly trained?  Or perhaps there’s more to the story, we’ll look them all over.  Stick around for the next piece.


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