Are Police Really Racists? Pt. 4

Welcome back!  Glad you didn’t get sick of reading.  We’ve made it to a list of 41 counties.  These 41 counties make up 8,231,376 of the total black population in the United States.  That’s 19% of the total black population.  That’s a sizable sum, let’s be fair.  So to start out, let’s get the easy stuff out of the way.  After reviewing the remaining counties, here are the ones that were taken off their lists because the numbers can be easily explained and placed in the clear- as well as why.  Just a note, there’s like no uniformity to this.  The final watchlist is at the bottom, that’s as uniform as it gets. lol.


Maricopa- 39 White (2,305,943); 11 Black (243,970); 19 Hispanic (1,045,408); 3 Native American/Alaska (130,118)

Let’s just be realistic. 72 fatal encounters listed by race, and another 21 unspecified- it’s not about race at that point, but it’s quite possible the errors can be chalked up to some form of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Maricopa cleared.  Thus:

Arizona cleared.


Jackson: 7 White (440,749); 4 Black (174,263)

Stories are pretty even.  This is basically how the police roll, so it’s not a race issue.  Jackson removed from the list and placed in the clear.

Jackson cleared.


Miami-Dade- 6 White (397,963); 18 Black (503,069); 8 Hispanic (1,559,244)

This one can get taken off the list, the stories for the other races are about even.

Miami-Dade cleared.


Bastrop- 0 White (43,533); 1 Black (6,661); 1 Hispanic (22,569)

Realistically speaking, these are the only two incidents that occurred in a 3 year period (even if we included unspecified).  It’s safe to say this can be moved into the cleared pile.

Bastrop cleared.


Chelan- 1 White (52,343); 1 Black (569)

So earlier this one was placed in the inconclusive file.  But between 2013-2015 these were the only incidents that occurred at all (no unspecified race either).  Chelan can be moved out of the inconclusive file and placed into the cleared pile.  Thus making the entire state cleared.

Washington cleared.

Knowing that an area could use some work, doesn’t tell us where the focus should be.  Every police department hires their own police.  A county police department does not interview or decide whether or not someone gets hired at a city police department.  Understanding this, let’s look over the different police departments responsible for the incidents which were deemed enough to make something inconclusive.  One in a police department doesn’t equal a pattern.

Counties which only have black fatal encounters.

Alabama – Jefferson

So looking it over, the one that we deemed questionable was with Warrior Police Department.  That was the only incident Warrior had.  Jefferson cleared.

Louisiana – West Baton Rouge

The one that was “ridiculous” in 2013 was by the Port Allen Police Department.  So the county is cleared, the Port Allen PD is left on inconclusive.  Since nothing has happened since 2013 involving them.

Watchlist: Port Allen PD (only incident 2013)

Massachusetts – Hampden

So the one in question was actually the state police.  As we have covered the rest of Massachusetts and determined this was the only county that needed further research, we can place this entire state in the cleared category.

Massachusetts cleared.

Michigan – Barrien

One was with the state, rest of the state has been cleared, so this department can get cleared.  The other was Niles Police Department, and the guy had a weapon on him for an armed robbery.

Michigan cleared.

Mississippi – Clarke

Meridian Police Department cleared, being the one that was fully justified.  Stonewall PD, however, we’ll place on a watchlist because nothing happened to the officer, and no one seems to know what happened.

Watchlist: Stonewall PD

New Jersey – Cumberland and Mercer

Cumberland police departments that could use some work are the Bridgeton PD and Vineland PD, the rest of the county is cleared.  Bridgeton city accommodates 8,996 of the black population, and Vineland 8,600- which is 48% of the entire black population for the county.

Mercer’s issues were in Trenton.  While I’m sure you would all like to pin a bad label on Trenton, here’s the thing: Trenton is predominantly black.  The number makes up 52.0 percent of the total population for the city.  Although white comes in second place at 22,549- this number also includes the hispanic demographic (which cannot be fully determined based on the chart fact-finder provides (, which lists the hispanic population as being 33.7 of the total.  With this understanding, the one questionable incident is no longer significant.

Mercer cleared.  Cumberland’s Bridgeton and Vineland Police Departments placed on the watchlist.

New York – Richmond

Little known fact, the NYPD (which is the culprit of the questionable incident) and the Coast Guard are about the same size in manpower.  I’m not even kidding, while I was in Basic training we found out just how small our CG is, and just how large the NYPD is.  Given that this is one incident in the entire county employed by such an enormous police department, you can’t fault the department entirely for not being able to handle every single person, just like you can’t fault the military for a few bad apples doing some incredibly stupid things.  Richmond cleared.

North Carolina – Forsyth

Both by the Winston-Salem Police Department, the rest of the county cleared.  This one placed on the watchlist.

Oklahoma – Osage

This was the county sheriff’s department.  Smaller police departments in the area cleared.  And let’s be real, this police department should also be cleared.  It’s one incident altogether and the guy knew he was wrong to return to the scene he knew the police had been dispatched to in order to remove him.  Osage cleared.

Pennsylvania – Chester

Two different police departments, two differ incidents.  Chester county is cleared.  Especially since the second incident isn’t even in Chester county- it’s in Delaware county.  The population for area code 19013 (where this took place) is predominantly black (75.1%).

Pennsylvania cleared.

Texas – Jasper

Kirbyville PD.  This city has 418 black people in it, and 1566 (which includes somewhere between 1-165 hispanic).  It’s small.  Really small…as in, the entire population is 2,142 people.  The rest of the county is cleared.  This incident occurred in 2013, nothing since.  Given the relatively low population, the fact that this guy had already assaulted an officer.  We can clear Kirbyville PD as well.  Jasper cleared entirely.

Texas cleared.

Virginia – Culpeper

We’ll keep the Culpeper Town PD on the watchlist.

West Virginia – Berkley

Martinsburg PD seems to have a record of good judgment (the unspecified listings from previous years seem to suggest this).  This incident took place in 2013 and there hasn’t been a single incident since with anyone.  It’s safe to place Berkley on the cleared list.

All of these have been stripped down to their lowest denominator.  We’ve cleared 15 counties of the list in their entirety, from 41.  But we still have 26 to go.

Alright let’s now take a look over the counties which only have white and black fatal encounters, and are deemed inconclusive.


New Castle- 3 White (340,446); 2 Black (138, 345)

Wilmington PD is responsible for both incidents, and one of the white.  Wilmington is a predominantly black population (at 58%) and 32.6% is white.  The ratio is 1:20,564 for black and 1:23,079 (in a city that has a 8,788 hispanic population, so we can’t know exactly what the difference is between white and hispanic).  In an earlier strip down, we said that counties ratios that were similiar would get thrown out the window.  these numbers are within 3000 of each other, initially the demographic was 20,000, but given how small this population is altogether I believe that 3000 difference is reasonable.  Especially since we don’t know how many this would have been if we stripped the hispanic population from the white.

Delaware cleared.


Duval- 1 White (505,878); 12 Black (269,368)

The incidents were all in Jacksonville.  We’ll leave this one on the list of places that need work.  There isn’t much difference between the population numbers listed above either, so no real need to adjust them.


DeKalb- 1 White (211,587); 9 Black (388,598)

The majority of these incidents were by the Dekalb County Police Department, all the other more local police departments can be cleared.  This means only the county department can be placed on an inconclusive basis.  However, of all the Dekalb County incidents, only two were outside of Decatur.  Except….  In only one incident (a naked 27 year old man running at a cop and was shot) was the situation reverse where the majority population was white (870 black to 46,039 white).  The other situations, the white population was under 6000 (in one case under 1000) and the black population exceeded 39,000.  I’ve debated this quite a few times- how would I react to a random naked guy in their twenties running at me?  I guess it depends on whether or not there is a reason for me to draw a weapon in the first place, if not, well, then there’s no reason to shot the guy.  But it is one incident…  Between the other three zip codes, the white population is consistent of only 11050 of the total population.  That’s a far cry from 211,587.  If we added the zip code that had the naked guy, we would have 57,089 white people, against the 122,930.  So realistically, if we understand that the one is a fluke, it’s really a white ratio of 11,050 to 122,060.  DeKalb can be cleared, the one officer in all of this is not enough to draw a line with the county police department.


East Baton Rouge- 1 White (210,737); 7 Black (203,206)

East Baton Rouge PD is cleared- all of their incidents involved a deadly weapon.  Baton Rouge PD, however…well okay one of the incidents can be struck off- it was a multiple agency incident that ended up in a huge shootout.  One involved shooting a subject in the middle of stabbing a woman.  One was tazed when he attacked the officers, that killed him because he had a bunch of drugs in his system (officers were called out because there was an altercation going on).  One involved a guy trying to mow officers over with a car.  Two officers were injured enough to get sent to a hospital, they ended up shooting their assailant (they were called out because the landlord and him had gotten into it).  Finally we see the one that earned this county inconclusive earlier…Officers had a no knock warrant, and the guy had a baggie of cocaine that got lodged in his throat causing him to stop breathing…officers ignored the wife’s call to administer care…It was 2013, no similar incidents have occurred since.  Since this was a special division, however, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of the department is in the clear, and the only group one would need to worry about is the Narcotics division.  So, you know, you could do what your D.A.R.E. officer told you, and not do drugs- then you won’t be targeted.

Baton Rouge PD Narcotics division- watchlist.


Cuyahoga 3 White (810,721); 9 Black (271,994)

One of the questionable incidents fall on Cleveland PD.  The areas in question are zip codes which are prominently black. (44120, 44105, 44108).  These zip codes make up 81,428 of the black population in the county, and 18,498 of the white population with a hispanic population of 1,749 (not exactly a significant difference).  None of the white population was targeted by the Cleveland PD, and of the 9 Cleveland was responsible for 4.  The questionable incident was in 2013 involving excessive use of a taser.  All the other incidents check out.  But looking over the facts of the case afterwards, I know that the guy was on bathsalts and alcohol.  Understanding these things we should clear Cleveland PD of any wrong.  Bath Salts are insane.

The other questionable incident involved a person in an encounter with Clearwater PD.  Only incident, and it was during a situation where they were trying to get her to a psychiatric facility.  The officers applied a taser to subdue her and she ended up dying because of it.  So Clearwater is also given a pass.

Franklin 1 White (785,098); 14 Black (251,032)

The one incident used to question this county was conducted by the Columbus Police Department, they are also the ones that presided over 13 of the 14 listed here.  I think it’s safe to say this department can be placed on the watchlist after reviewing demographics and all that jazz.


Shelby: 4 White (367,821); 8 Black (493,316)

It would appear that the vast majority of the white population lives outside of Memphis.  So we need to adjust the demographics here.  The reason being that he questionable incidents occurred in Memphis.  The black population in Memphis is 409687, and 190,120 is the number of white demographic, with a 41,996 hispanic population.   With this adjustment we can look at the numbers that happen in each respective area.  3 white, 7 black.  The ratio now becomes 1:63,374 (white) and 1:58,527.  This is about even within a 5,000 difference of each other.

Tennessee Cleared.

Next up are the remaining counties that have only white and black fatal encounters, but were placed on the list for BLM assistance.


Pulaski- 1 White(217,227); 5 Black (138,825)

4 of the five occurred under the Little Rock Police Department.  We’ll place Little Rock Police Department on the watchlist.  It looks like there is a zip code shared by Little Rock with North Little Rock as well (72205), which has a prominently white population (the other two zip codes that had fatal encounters are prominently black).  Anyways, we’ll place these two departments on the watchlist.

Watchlist: Little Rock PD and North Little Rock PD


Fulton- 1 White (388,638); 8 Black (421,131)

The one white doesn’t count, he was shot by a police department that doesn’t show up again in the demographic.  Both incidents involving Fulton County Sheriff’s Office were warranted, so we can put them on the cleared list.  East Point is prominently black (25,165 black to 5,437 white, with a hispanic culture of 3,205), so that one probably isn’t race, but does need to be check their taser discipline.  Given that no other incidents in East Point have happened since, we can probably clear East Point.  The other five incidents belong to Atlanta Police Department.  Atlanta City is prominently black (226,894 black to 161,115 white, with a 21,815 Hispanic culture).  But that still doesn’t tell us much about what is going on.

The zip code demographics tell us a bit more.  One happened in an area where the majority was white.  That one involved weapon and if the story told by the family is accurate, it wasn’t about targeting a black guy, it was a rush of a lot of confusion- so a tragedy- but nothing more malicious than that.  Another zip code has the listing of black vs. white within 2000 people of each other, and it was justified as well (guy opened fire on the officers).  The other zip codes all tell us that the majority is actually black by a decent margin.  Given all the evidence, Fulton is cleared.

Georgia cleared.


Orleans- 1 White (108,245); 6 Black (212,111)

Okay, so we can take out the FBI case- that’s not related to the county.  We can also eliminate the Southern University of New Orleans Police Department, which caught the guy in an armed robbery. That gives us 4 Black and 1 White to New Orleans PD.  Of the remaining 4, one is suspect.  We’ll leave New Orleans Police Department on the watchlist.

Watchlist: New Orleans Police Department.


Baltimore: 3 White (518,104); 7 Black (222,669)

The one that occurred with the Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t reflect the county, so we’ll just go ahead and put that one aside.  The rest were conducted by the Baltimore County PD.  Reviewing the stories though.  Ones labeled as questionable before begin to make a lot of sense.  A no-knock warrant is bound to cause a number of issues.  Anyways, one is still listed as questionable, but there is a questionable situation regarding a white person too. So it doesn’t look to be a race issue at all.

Baltimore County cleared.

Baltimore City: 0 White (181,836); 12 Black (406,057)

So of these listed only two are in a white majority zip code, but both are completely within reason (both involving a weapon).  Baltimore City cleared.


0 White (219,156); 11 Black (319,177)

DC- Support needed, we’re just leaving this one up.  It’s all of DC.

Continuing on, let’s look over the ones that say inconclusive and have at least one fatal encounter in a demographic that isn’t white or black.


Broward- 2 White (784,967); 8 Black (500,832); 1 Hispanic (408,536)

So there is a small collection of agencies that are involved in all of these.  Let’s go ahead and clear two of them- Wilton Manors PD shot 1 of the white guys and Plantation PD shot the hispanic guy.  Before we tackle the county, Hallandale PD and Coconut Creek PD had some questionable incidents and are hereby placed on the watchlist.  Sunrise PD and Ft. Lauderdale PD, however, had an understandable situations, and are cleared.  Onto Broward County Sheriff’s Department.

Broward shot the other white person, and account for  4 of the 8 listed.  The county where the white guy was shot also had one black guy shot had a white majority.  The both incidents were fully warranted (involving weapons).  The other three zip codes listed (one person for each zip code) are a black majority.  The County Sheriff’s Department is cleared.

Watchlist: Hallandale PD and Coconut Creek PD.

Palm Beach- 5 White (808,815); 6 Black (245,194); 1 Hispanic (231,362)

Boca Raton PD cleared, they have one of the white guys.  White majority zip code 33410 belonging to the Palm Beach Gardens PD jurisdiction had one for each demographic.  However, the one involving a black guy on the side of the road was not only questionable, but not necessary.  Palm Beach Gardens is cleared because they took care of the officer that fired his weapon in that incident.  That said, I doubt it had anything to do with race, more likely he saw a gun and freaked out.  Inexcusable, yes.  But I don’t think it mattered who the guy was- white, black, green man from outer space, it was gonna happen in that situation.  Both incidents with the West Palm Beach PD involved the officers getting shot at, so this one is cleared.  Which brings us to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Palm Beach CSO has 3 whites, 3 blacks and 1 hispanic that occurred within their area of operation.  The whites were in zip codes of prominently white people.  The one with the hispanic was in an area with a fairly high hispanic population (12,004 hispanic population, and a 20,064 white population, without knowing how many of those are actually suppose to be white not hispanic, that’s all I can give you).  The others were in fairly low populations, none exceeding 10,000 for the black population.  Of those three, 1 involved a two-foot cane knife, one the suspect put a gun to a deputy’s head, the other was strange.  He was naked, and seemed to have an episode- even bit a teen’s face- taser didn’t work (failed to make contact), guy kept going, officers opened fire.  That most likely has more to do with not having a clue how to deal with the situation.  Furthermore, he was carrying keys in his hand, which could easily be mistaken as a knife. That isn’t race, that’s a bad situation.  Palm Beach CSO cleared.

Palm Beach Cleared.


Lake- 1 White (469,130); 2 Black (56,740); 1 Asian (51,372)

Asian had a knife, white guy was a white supremacist that wanted to have a gun battle, the incident in zip code 60035 involved a gun at a hospital (he wouldn’t drop it) and finally Zion PD thought they saw a weapon in the hand of the young man so they shot him.  That could have been prejudice.  So we’ll list Zion PD on the watchlist.

Watchlist: Zion PD.


St. Louis County: 2 White (702,933); 6 Black (243,700); 1 Hispanic (21,994)

Multiple agencies showed up to the white guy…he attacked them with a hammer.  Multiple agencies also engaged the Hispanic guy, and he pulled a gun on them during a chase.  Hazelwood PD engaged a guy they thought was intoxicated, given that I can’t find good details on this, we’ll place them on the watchlist.  Berkeley PD’s encounter involved a gun being pointed at the officer.  Berkeley cleared.  Ferguson PD had only the one incident (Michael Brown).  Ferguson PD on the watchlist.  The rest all fall to the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office.  That’s 3 black, 1 white.

St. Louis CSO had an incident with a guy and a Tec-9- after tying up and robbing a local business.  Another shot at the police while running away..after he ran his vehicle into two cop vehicles.  Another incident involved a guy that was speaking about a black revolution, carrying around a Bible and a knife.  Trying to subdue him, they shot a “not-so-lethal” round, he got upset at that and charged the officers, they fired on him.  He was a bit crazy, pretty sure it had nothing to do with race.  The white girl had shot a neighbor and when officers showed up, she held her kids hostage and fired on the officers.  Yup, St. Louis CSO cleared.

Watchlist: Hazelwood PD and Ferguson PD 

New York

Kings 2 White (921,489); 8 Black (945,457); 1 Hispanic (356,836)

One was the result of a mugging, but it doesn’t exactly count.  The shooting officer was retired NYPD- so he can’t be a reflection of the current NYPD mentality.  But the rest of them is enough to place this county and the NYPD within it on the watchlist.  We cleared Richmond because the NYPD is huge, but this has too many incidents that there -might- be something here.

Watchlist: NYPD in Kings


Clark: 16 White (987,873); 6 Black (245,246); 5 Hispanic (520,770); 2 Asian (214,042)

Boulder City Police Department cleared, only person they had a fatal encounter with was a white person.  Both Henderson Police Department encounters were with white people.  The Asian was actually from California, and was being chased by California Highway Patrol, so that’s taken out of the demographic.  Federal Bureau of Investigation had one of the 5 Hispanic, so that one’s out.  Bureau of Land Management had a strange incident on their land, which is where one of the 6 black incidents occurred- guy reached for the AR-15 in a patrol vehicle, he was shot.  Clark County School District is responsible for one of the white guys, he tried running them over.  Nevada Highway Patrol is responsible for one of the black incidents, the guy was on the freeway carrying a pellet gun that looked like an assault rifle, things escalated, led to a shooting.  NHP cleared.  North Las Vegas PD responded to one hispanic and one black fatal encounter, both involved a gun.  Adjusting these numbers we now have that Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had 1 Asian, 3 Black, 3 Hispanic and 12 White.  This also means that we need to adjust the demographics.  35,620 Asian, 64,858 Black, 183859 Hispanic, and 362,264 White.  Since we have no idea what the actual white number and Hispanic numbers are, we’ll just leave them as is.  This tells us that 1:35,620 Asians had a fatal encounter, 1:21619 Black, 1:61,286 Hispanic, and 1:30,189. All things considered, these numbers are fairly close, especially since we know that the Hispanic and White populations vary significantly based on the raw numbers.  In a nutshell, we’ve just cleared Clark county, and with it the entire state.

Nevada Cleared.


Oklahoma- 11 White (451,752); 12 Black (127,678); 4 Hispanic (95,664)

Edmond Police Department cleared, only incident involved a white guy.  Oklahoma Highway Patrol cleared, their two incidents were 1 white and 1 Hispanic.  The one Hispanic was also engaged by Oklahoma City Police Department (OKCPD).  The three incidents (2 Black, 1 White) that Midwest City Police Department were involved in were all justified, so they’re cleared.  That leaves us with OKCPD.

OKCPD had 8 White, 10 Black and 3 Hispanic encounters.  Of these, all three Hispanic incidents were warranted, 6 of the white were warranted, and 7 of the Black were warranted. One of the white incidents was actually 2 fatal encounters, but the woman isn’t included because she wasn’t the target.  In either case, that one- while cleared- has not provided enough information to determine whether or not it was justified.  It is possible that the deadly weapon being used by the suspect was his vehicle- unfortunately easily accessed reports have not provided any information on this.  So I have no idea what went down.  There’s 1 inconclusive incident with a white guy.  The remaining white incident isn’t exactly clear as to whether or the problem was a pre-existing medical incident or something caused by the police.  I included it anyway, but will draw it at inconclusive as well.  The remaining three are enough to place OKCPD on the watchlist.  Two are medical incidents, one resulting from tasers and the other from being restrained while officers tried to transport the guy for suicide watch.  But the kicker is one involving off-duty uniformed officer on leave, working security, that encountered a guy passed out with a gun on him at a concert.  He was awake when the officer shot him, but a lot of things are just not given to us after that.  It’s inconclusive, but enough to watchlist.

Watchlist: OKCPD.


Alameda- 5 White(564,179); 17 Black (223,476); 4 Hispanic (298,050); 1 Asian (447,806); 1 Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian (24,073)

Pleasanton PD has one of the whites, cleared.  San Leandro PD has one of the Hispanics and it was justified, cleared.  Dublin PD has one of the Hispanics, it was justified, cleared.  Union City PD, 1 Black, 1 Hispanic, and the 1 Asian, all warranted, cleared.  The one Pacific Islander and one of the Whites happened on Fremont PD’s watch, both justified, cleared.  Emeryville PD had a Black fatal encounter, it was justified.  California Highway Patrol’s one incident, involving a Black guy, was justified, they’re cleared.  Berkeley’s situation was just insane.  The roommate, whom had just been kicked out of his apartment with the suspect, called in and told the police that his roommate needed to be placed in mental health custody.  The individual (black) was being violent and aggressive prior to (at least according to the report), officers got into the room to take the individual into custody, three officers were thrown to the couch as the suspect flung their arms back.  Officers finally managed to get the individual cuffed after 8 police were on the scene, eventually the individual stopped breathing, and officers began CPR to no avail.  I’m pretty sure that we can chalk this up to horrible luck for all parties, and not racially related.  Berkeley PD, cleared.  So now we’re down to no Pacific Islanders, no Asians, 1 Hispanic, 3 White, and 13 Black across three different organizations (Alameda is huge x.x…I’m dreading LA…)

Alright, Hayward PD first.  2 White, 4 Black.  Only questionable incidents involved two Black persons that suffered medical emergencies.  One a psychiatric case that died while being restrained.  McDonalds called on the guy, police discovered the guy had a warrant and tried to take him in.  The guy had a medical emergency while in the holding cell, paramedics couldn’t revive him.  Looks like both incidents were bad luck given the circumstances.  Hayward cleared.

Oakland’s up next.  1 Hispanic, 4 Black.  2 Black justified.  One uncertain, can’t find enough facts to condemn or clear the officer in question.  The one Hispanic incident was a psychiatric case gone medically wrong, that one can be cleared.  But what earns Oakland PD on the watchlist is the incident with a guy that was unconscious in his car.  There’s not a enough information that I can find to clear it.  It looks suspect.

Alameda County Sheriff’s Office has 1 White (warranted), and 5 Black fatal encounters to their name.  Of the five, 4 were fully warranted.  One incident is questionable, even the officer had a questionable past (well according to public opinion).  In either case the Jacorey Calhoun incident is not exactly easy to find a whole lot of information on, so we’ll leave it as being questionable.  We’ll place this one on the watchlist as well.

Watchlist: Oakland PD and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

Los Angeles- 24 White(2,897,891); 37 Black (1,005,298); 73 Hispanic (4,386,152); 7 Asian (1,535,944)

We could have cleared this one like we did Maricopa (AZ), but the difference is far more significant than Maricopa, so it earned more attention.  With over 100 incidents collectively…this will be daunting…Here we go!

Four of the Hispanics and 2 Blacks did not have an agency reported, so they can’t really be used in the demographic.  West Covina PD only had two incidents, both Hispanic.  Azusa PD also had only two, both Hispanic.  South Gate PD had one, it individual was Hispanic.  California State University PD is listed with 1, also Hispanic.  Manhattan Beach PD has one, it was also Hispanic, but questionable, however it doesn’t address the question we’re looking at here- which deals only with whether or not Police are targeting blacks.  San Fernando PD has one to it’s name, Hispanic.  Pomona PD, 1 Hispanic.  Montebello PD, 1 Hispanic.  Santa Monica PD, 1 Asian.  El Monte PD, 1 Asian.  Alhambra PD, 1 Asian.  Gardena PD, 1 Hispanic.  Redondo Beach PD, 1 White.  Culver City PD, 1 White.  Torrance PD, 1 White.  Baldwin Park PD teamed up with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (LACSO) on one, but that was hispanic, so Baldwin Park PD is also cleared. Seriously, LA County is huge…  But this covers a lot of the departments.  We are left with 4 Asian, 26 White, 35 Black, and 58 (if we include the Baldwin team up) Hispanic over four different agencies.

Starting with Inglewood PD.  Both incidents were Black.  One completely warranted.  The other is questionable, I can’t seem to find much on why he was shot, so we’ll place this agency on the watchlist.  Long Beach is next, 1 Asian (warranted), 4 Black, 2 White and 4 Hispanic.  One of the white guys was nuts.  He shoplifted from a Target, threatened a security guard with scissors, and then led police on a chase.  When he got to a deadend, he waited a little bit, got out with a stick in hand, made his way down some stairs as a K9 chased him and he was shot at with beanbags, until finally the officer at the bottom opened fire on him.  Probably warranted.  But seriously, I have to know what was going through this suspect’s head.  Second one was a narc in plain clothes, white guy approached aggressively (not sure what that means in this case) reached at his waistband and officer fired on him.  Given the nature of the narc’s job, it’s probably reasonable that he suspected the guy was going to do something incredibly stupid.  So we’ll chalk both white guys up to warranted.  2 Hispanics warranted. 1 Hispanic was a medical emergency that was already happening when he was picked up- officers saw him in a horrible mess and were called in by the residents of the home, when the guy ran, they had to go after him and subdue him- he went into cardiac arrest (read: tragedy, nothing malicious). And the last Hispanic incident is understandable, officers responded to a trespassing incident and though the suspect was pointing something at them when they fired.  Turns out he wasn’t.  2 of the Black fatal encounters were warranted.  The other two incidents earn this agency’s placement on the watchlist.

Los Angeles Police Department (aka LAPD).  They’ve got good ones, and they’ve got bad ones across the board.  The only demographic that seems to be completely warranted in all encounters are the 2 Asians.  LAPD had 2 Asians, 11 Whites, 17 Blacks and 29 Hispanics. A few of the Hispanics deaths are questionable, a few of the Blacks are questionable, one of the whites is questionable.  I don’t think this is a race thing.  Nope.  The whole county is wrought with crime, I think the LAPD is simply responding in the way that they feel the safest to go home.  According to the State of California Department of Justice between 2013 and 2014 (2015 isn’t available), 83109 violent crimes occurred in Los Angeles.  No single county in New York comes even close to these numbers in violent crime- even adding in 2015 (which NY does happen to have already posted).  That said, when you consider all of the counties within New York City (Bronx, Kings, New York County, Queens and Richmond) the number of fatal encounters (regardless of race) is still 28.  The New York City grouping between 2013 and 2014 had 101,828 violent crime incidents.  That said, property incidents are higher in LA County (445,912 from 2013-2014) than in all of NYC (277,718 from 2013-2014).  Add the two together, we end up with more crime (by numbers, not per capita) in LA County than in all of NYC.

Los Angeles doesn’t have a race problem, it has a dealing with crime problem.  Also, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office (which presided over the rest of the demographic) were all warranted in their dealings with the Black incidents, a few issues revolving around the Hispanic and one with a White incident.  But like I said, LA in general has an issue with crime and dealing with crime.  So what we’re going t do, is leave Long Beach on the list, and clear LAPD and LACSO

Watchlisted: Long Beach PD

Let’s put our list together.  These are the Police Agencies placed on the watchlist.

Arkansas – Little Rock PD and North Little Rock PD

California – Oakland PD, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and Long Beach PD

DC – All of it…Kind of terrible really, if I knew who the unspecified were, we might be able to get a clearer picture.

Florida – Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Hallandale PD, and Coconut Creek PD

Illinois – Zion PD

Louisiana- Port Allen PD (only incident 2013), Baton Rouge PD Narcotics division, and New Orleans Police Department

Missouri – Hazelwood PD and Ferguson PD

Mississippi- Stonewall PD

New Jersey- Cumberland’s Bridgeton PD and Vineland PD

New York – NYPD in Kings

North Carolina – Winston-Salem Police Department

Ohio – Columbus Police Department

Oklahoma – Oklahoma County PD

Virginia – Culpeper Town PD

We went from 41 counties to 21 Police Agencies and 1 District of Columbia.  This doesn’t mean that any of you crazy individuals out there that want to murder police need to chase after these particular agencies.  There are ways to go about doing things and ways to not do so.  Tomorrow I’ll release the final part.  Sorry this one came out so late in the day, I literally worked on California from 9am EST to 10pm EST, with a break to take my son in for immunizations.  Either case, fifth and final installment will be tomorrow where we talk about actions you can take to help your areas, as well as clear up exactly what this is all meant to tell you.  You’ll understand what I mean when I post tomorrow.  See you then.


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