We Remember……



Listen to the show at the link above tomorrow (9/11/16) at or after 2PM EST.

Alley, one of our KOA hosts, asked me if we could get everyone together and record our thoughts on the “9/11” tragedy for the 15 year anniversary. So we got all of our hosts together, Derek from the Ashla Knights Radio Show, Charles from the Labyrinth, myself, and of course Ally joined us as well.

First thing we did was talk about where we were, what we remember, and how we felt on that day, 09/11/2001. We then held a discussion afterwards about 9-11.

This is a per-recorded broadcast as we could not get everyone together on 9-11.

Honor the sacrifice of those Brave civilians, police, fire, emt, and so many others for giving their lives for others. Give thanks to them, and pray for their families.



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