Knights Of Awakening Interview Series: Modern Jedi Knight

Interview with Author M.S. Siegrist about his book “The Modern Jedi Knight” with Justin Bane.

Since 1977 the ways of the Jedi within the fictional Star Wars universe have always had an allure for many of us. Haven’t you ever wondered, just for a moment, “What if the Jedi were real?” What if that question was the beginning of your own personal awakening?

The journey of Luke Skywalker from a moisture farmer on Tatooine to becoming a Jedi Knight follows the archetypal Hero’s Journey as defined by Joseph Campbell and his Monomyth. Just like all of the other great sagas and their heroes, Star Wars is not only an epic and compelling story but also a tutorial and guide to a fulfilling and satisfying life. The Modern Jedi Knight will follow and examine the path of Luke Skywalker and use it as a guideline for your own Hero’s Journey.

Inspired by the Star Wars movies but not solely limited to the fiction, The Modern Jedi Knight will train you as realistically and as closely as possible to the fictional Jedi while using current, tested, and actual training techniques in use on our planet Earth today. In development for ten years, the author has personally explored many different avenues and training ideas in order to develop a training strategy that truly works. By synthesizing ancient Eastern and Western philosophy with modern science, knowledge, and technology, training as a Modern Jedi will make you a complete person, one who is happy, energetic, healthy, connected, centered, and maybe even enlightened.

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