“We are Kate Soulstar” : Another message sent to us by an unknown user

Transcript found below the video…..

We are the legacy of Kate Soulstar. Since our last message. We have waited. Since our last communication nothing has changed. Does the light hide in the shadows now? Or has it died? We have seen your assessment of accountability. Where is Master Thompson though? Meanwhile the fools rant and rage. What exists in the light and is seen are squabbling. Bickering. Children. Arguing over places. Playing politics. The Ashla Knights presented an ideal. Accountability. Where is the Grand Master indeed Master Bane has asked. We still await a master that is grand to stand. One Ashla Master stood up. As the children. Played games. In their sandbox. With the Ashla Knights still gone. This is all that remains. Children. Playing games. In a sandbox. Arguing over toys. Arguing over sand. Instead of standing together. Instead of forming a stronger community. Old enemies insight evil in your midst. We have not forgotten them. They are your bishops, or rooks, or knights? We are not amused. Children. In a sandbox. Giving bullies power. Standing against friends. Standing against allies. Standing against the light. In the name of Knights. We are the legacy of Kate Soulstar.


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