Do politics have a place on a spiritual path?

By Justin Bane

We are on a fast track to November, 8 and I wanted to talk about a question that I posted a few weeks ago. I will not name those who commented, if you want to see the posts about this topic, head over to the KOA main Org page, the KOA discussion page, and the Ashla Knights discussion page to see the conversations.

I get accused of being political quite a bit in my videos and shows (even though I do not inject politics into nearly all of my videos with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 and now this one). It really seems to upset a few people that I do not talk about my political leanings more often and “admit” and to “Come clean” to whatever political conspiracy that they think I am “hiding behind”.

I asked these questions to all of you;

how important is “Political Affiliation” as it concerns your spiritual path? Do politics even play a role in your path and if so, does it guide your direction?

When looking at the leadership of a group on these similar paths, is it important to know what “side” they are on politically?”

I want to share some of the responses that I got and I will share my views on this with you….

JP: So the question was asked yesterday if politics is a part of this pages job, or of a Spiritual path.? I think the answer is obvious. Are Nazis Knights? KKK members? What is a knight, and how does one seperate their spiritual calling from the the rest of their life, or of the world. It seems to me that ones activity I. The world, ones “position” is a symptom, a result, of their belief systems, their moral and philosophical convictions, of their spiritual path. In fact, if you’re wondering where your Spiritual life is at, you might look at what it is you’re supporting, what you believe about the earths, or a countries, problems and issues.

You have to do it honestly, and ruthlessly, because we all tend to lie a little bit, or a lot, to ourselves…( one good reason for strong feedback, to actually get some perspective in ourselves from outside) Our world is small realtive to all the mythos that motivate and excite us. There are relative few issues to cull through to see where you stand on things…totalitarianism vs, democracy, oligarchy vs, republic,,,and I’ll contest that there are few better places than social justice…for a real earthbound knight to test their spiritual path, or contribute their energy. This one has posted regularly trying to dilute the Black Lives Mattwrs issue, supporting the system and even providing material that the activities we’ve seen lately in terms of racial tension and systemic discrimination and abuse aren’t really happening. I’ll suggest that this is as good a subject as Corporate deregulation or environmental pollution, for you to figure out how your spiritual life is doing…,,

JC: In regards to my path, I assign no value to political affiliation, as the majority of the qualities I see as part of my path fall outside of political affiliation (self control, self reliance, a calm mind…etc).
Political affiliation rears it’s ugly head not based on the objectives and qualities of the path, but how those objectives are reached.

DJ: I consider myself politically anti-partisan. Dividing politics into conservative and liberal separates what should be a single philosophy. We should be conservative in that we preserve what is best in our culture (not everything, but what is best). We should be liberal in that we work toward building a better world. When we separate the two, we get mired in nonsensical conflict — such as what we have today. It is up to those of us who understand this to rectify it.

VJS: Rather than politics informing the path, one’s path should inform their politics.

Perhaps to say that whatever your morals are tend to inform your political views. If your path is one of the Knight, then by the general archetype, you are a champion for the people. One who seeks not only to fight for the safety of loved ones, but strives to help heal this broken world and its broken people with kindness and compassion. Your political views should follow suit, as should all aspects of your life, I feel, or your profession of your path is only empty words

SF: Personally, I am not affiliated with any ‘Political Party.’ I always vote. I try to make an informed decision. I listen to both sides of the issues and then vote for the candidate who I believe will do the best job. It is not perfect……..but what is?

Do you think it makes a person more “knightly” than another solely based on their political affiliations or leanings?

I don’t think so. Just as a Knight’s ‘Religious Affiliations’ does not make them ‘more or less Knightly.

TTM: I have worked the ‘deep end’ of law enforcement. I have interviewed and written profiles on a lot of psychopaths and sociopaths, and various other criminals that felt they were infallible, and could do whatever they liked.

I have reached a point where, even as a Consultant in same, I seldom like to discuss it, My wife requests me to not discuss things like Politics, because I analyze each and every contestant.
I am fairly conservative, but Moderate in some areas, because I am explicitly a Constitutional.

For the most part, I support no Party. Part of this is my understanding of the patterns of human civilization, and part, because I would rather choose the “PERSON” than the party, according to the patterns the contestant shows me by their overall actions.

Today, Some in one party use words like Freedom to try to push socialism and Communism. These politicians I particularly despise as I have watched several countries fall apart due to these methods of rule. Socialism and Communism are also a great part of why I believe in the Republic, and particularly the Constitutional Republic, as it protects individual freedoms from mob rule.

Do you think it makes a person more “knightly” than another solely based on their political affiliations or leanings?

If someone is stuck believing that a political party is the whole answer, they left knightly thought behind.
The Knight thinks for himself. The Knight makes his choices based on virtues. The Knight uses Critical thinking, Adaptive thinking, Judgment of the situation, and mindfulness of cause and effect overall

JE: I am a Constitutionalist. Beyond that, I am also an Egalitarian and a little bit of a Libertarian (Constitutional Libertarianism, like what the founders set up). However, that is just political belief. It has no bearing on my following the Jedi path.

how do you reconcile the Libertarianism and Egalitarian? doesn’t one require more government and the other call for smaller ones?

My Egalitarianism is more of a social egalitarianism rather than a political, and more of a personal view. It is more the belief that everyone is equal rather than any one group is over another. I have often been called racist, sexist, and other names because I view races, sexes, genders, etc. as equal. It is not something the government can truly enforce. While I would like to see the overturning of any laws or rules that reflect one skin tone over another. However, such legislation would be called racist due to overturning such laws as affirmative action.

My Libertarianism is actually a Constitutional Libertarianism. I believe that our government should go back to the political size and consistency that our founding fathers designed. Congress is a part-time job being paid minimum wage, in session for six months and living with their constituency for the other six. During their six months in session, living with military benefits (food, lodging, doctors).

The Libertarian part also includes things such as handing some power back to the states that the federal government took through things like the Department of Education and IRS. It also includes things like a flat-rate tax and term limits for elected officials.

GT: I am right there with you on this political things do not even get any consideration where my path is considered.

A couple of people get upset that I seem to have certain slants and “political leanings” and that they see a conspiracy in all of my work. They try to label me and discredit me because I have a difference of perspective on certain topics. Even though, I opened the KOA to allow many different perspectives of those willing to come on and share.

I don’t vote with my emotions. I don’t vote with purely my heart. I vote with my mind, using common sense, reason and logic as my guides. This is my biggest problem with politics these days. People commenting using emotional knee-jerk responses anytime something political comes up. People attack and degrade each other because they do not have respect for each other anymore. People are offended that another human being would have the gall to dare challenge them on something. People are now identifying as a political party instead of what really makes them a beautiful and unique individual.

We live in an age politically where being objective is somehow wrong. Where using common sense is treated like a superpower. Where taking a middle of the road approach makes you either a racist or a traitor depending on who you are talking to. Where people are identifying with a candidate more than they identify with themselves. The problem with political seasons and elections is, that when you identify your being with one side or the other, someone ultimately loses, and with them 50% of the population loses too.

So why do I not personally talk very much about politics on the KOA? For a couple of reasons. 1. There is already a TON of commentaries and news and discussions about the topic already. 2. Politics is Ally’s thing with her “Lets Regroup” shows. 3. I like to produce shows, videos, and content that make people better, I like to focus on the individual. Governments cannot change who you are. Governments cannot walk your path. Governments cannot help you learn and grow.

Ironically, I will be joining Ally this week sometime to discuss the political climate in the country. She has asked me to join her and I will be a guest on her show “Lets Regroup”.

I don’t need to know who you are voting for before I decide to show you respect and to treat you fairly. Same goes for your religious preference, your sexual preference, your gender identity, your race, and so on. If you are respectful and fair to me, I will treat you in kind.

I love you all very much, and until next time………Awaken the Knight within!


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