I Remain Humbled

By Listener Trevus Morris Nethemia

Today I was humbled by the kindness and compassion of another. In the past, I have also shown such to this individual. This person I speak of is my land lady.

This month I was behind on my rent and unable to pay my rent at all. She showed me what I have showed me compassion, even when she did not have to. Because of this act I am forever humbled by the love and care shown to me and my wife. And I am reminded of the humility that is demonstrated between two people. It further reinforced to us that this virtue is so fundamental to day to day lives.

“Knowledge is learning something everyday. Wisdom is letting go of something everyday” – Zen proverb

Everyday should become a lesson that is created by the product of our actions. These manifestations are actually a product of who we are. When we show another compassion, in their time of weakness, we should be the best kind of person we can be. These actions make an impact that touch’s another, and we then become the product of inspiration for the individual to continue on giving back to the world in act of kindness towards others.

Reflecting on what happened today, I realize just how important my kindness was to another, as I was the recipient of my own kindness paid forward. I appreciate the gift I was shown today, and will never forget this day. It will always be a reminder that something so simple can become something much greater.

More than a reminder of what kindness breeds, it was also an important lesson on the value of respect. Just to live in her home is a privileged. As I meditation on this, I urged to remember to be humble for what I have. It is invaluable to remember when we are a guest, we must be respectful. Whether is a temple , a dojo, another’s home or even another Facebook group we must be the example for others to follow.

The path we walk is not always the path of another, but we ourselves still walk a path. Buddha said it best:

“No one saves us but ourselves no one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” – Buddha

This means we must be the example of the path we walk. We embody our training and integrity by being this example of vigilance within our servitude. No one is going to show us what we have not given. Nor will they respect us if we are not an example of our claimed path in the first place.

Finally, I note: You are held at a higher accountability of Jedi because you walk the path. Namaste may the force by with you.


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