I am Blessed…..Truly Blessed!

By Justin Bane

Hello Knights, I hope this finds you well. It had always been a tradition here at the KOA to sit down and talk about what we are thankful for. Well this year, I am going to do something a little different. Given that I will be on duty for 12 hours a day over the next 4 days, I really didn’t have a whole lot of time to put together a video or live show for this. But I wanted to do something.

This year has been a very tough and trying one for me. I know it has been for many of you as well. And given that many things that have happened to me and tested me, I have already many times over throughout the course of this year, expressed my gratitude. I have said it in years past, Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only time of the year that we think about gratitude and give thanks for those things, people, and places that have helped shape who we are…….the good and the bad.

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Knights Of Awakening: Androcles and the Grateful Lion

I am grateful for the moments in my life that give validation but also the moments that give me grief and make me uncomfortable and push me to my limits. I am grateful for the people in my life who offers compassion, comfort, love, understanding, and the opportunity to show them my gratitude and love in return. I am grateful for the people who push me to my breaking point and force me to go beyond that. I am grateful that I am able to live my life in a way that no matter what happens to me, it is still always on my terms. -Justin Bane

I am truly blessed! This has been the shittiest year on record for me, yet, I will say again that I am truly blessed! I will end this with a short list of things I am grateful for and why I feel that I am blessed.

I am grateful for the horrible injury I suffered in February, because this has shown me and reminded me how strong and resilient I am. It has also reminded me of the Love that others have for me.

I am blessed to have spent my entire life with my Nana. One half of a remarkable couple of people who guided me and helped shape who I am. I am happy that I spent my life with this woman and I am happy she is free from pain.

I am grateful to be still working in a job that was in danger of being lost to me due to my injury. I am grateful for those who stood by me and encouraged me to keep fighting and to keep getting stronger. They never gave up on me, even when it seemed like I was not going to be able to do it ever again.

I am grateful for the birth of my Grandson. He is a spitting image of me, his Papa! I Love him so much and are grateful that I get to experience this world with him.

I am grateful for my partners at the KOA, without their Love and support I don’t know if I would have been able to get this far. I am grateful for YOU, those of you who have stood by me here at the KOA and listened to my ramblings and have read my posts. I Love you all very much.

I am grateful for my friends and family. I Love you all.

I am grateful to those whose names I will never know. To those who serve and sacrifice for us to enjoy the freedoms that sadly too many take for granted.

I Love you all very much. Be safe and be good to each other. Until next time

……..Awaken the Knight Within!


“We are Kate Soulstar” : Another message sent to us by an unknown user

Transcript found below the video…..

We are the legacy of Kate Soulstar. Since our last message. We have waited. Since our last communication nothing has changed. Does the light hide in the shadows now? Or has it died? We have seen your assessment of accountability. Where is Master Thompson though? Meanwhile the fools rant and rage. What exists in the light and is seen are squabbling. Bickering. Children. Arguing over places. Playing politics. The Ashla Knights presented an ideal. Accountability. Where is the Grand Master indeed Master Bane has asked. We still await a master that is grand to stand. One Ashla Master stood up. As the children. Played games. In their sandbox. With the Ashla Knights still gone. This is all that remains. Children. Playing games. In a sandbox. Arguing over toys. Arguing over sand. Instead of standing together. Instead of forming a stronger community. Old enemies insight evil in your midst. We have not forgotten them. They are your bishops, or rooks, or knights? We are not amused. Children. In a sandbox. Giving bullies power. Standing against friends. Standing against allies. Standing against the light. In the name of Knights. We are the legacy of Kate Soulstar.

Conversation with Ellen “Loremaster” Merritt

This is the YouTube version of the Live show I did with Ellen Merritt.  You can watch the video below.

We will be having a conversation with Ellen Merritt. Ellen is a long time member of the Jedi Community and has countless amounts of work to her credit. We will be talking about her stories featured in an upcoming book called “100 Tails” and “100 Voices”, her Jedi writings and life and much, more!

Check out Ellen’s page………

Your story. Your dreams. Your road. Your guide.
You know where you want to go. Ellen can help you get there. Whether your dreams involve writing successes or life successes, Ellen has you covered!

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  1.  For Authors: Let us know the book title and where we can find it. (we don’t mind paying for the book). For Group/Org./Order Leaders: let us know where to go to find information about you.
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Over the years, we have helped many Authors, Groups, Charities, Organizations, and Other spread their message with a world wide audience of people who are interested in what you have to say and what you are working on.  If you are a little nervous about the prospect, head over to the Knights Of Awakening YouTube page and look at some of the “Knights Of Awakening Interview Series” videos to get a feel for what you can expect.

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Knights Of Awakening Interview Series

Hello Knights!  I wanted to share with you a new video series that we will be starting this coming week at the Knights Of Awakening  called The “Knights Of Awakening Interview Series”.  This new series will be videos of interviews conducted with our favorite and most fun, informative, and entertaining guests!

The interviews were conducted on the Knights Of Awakening show with David and Justin.  We hope you enjoy the videos and if you have guests that you would like us to interview, please let us know!

The Road to Recovery and New Beginnings: Series break

Road to recovery break

As we come to a break in the series, capping off with Episode 4: Compassion and Empathy, I wanted to take a few minutes to look back at what we covered thus far.

In Episode 1: An Introduction, I shared a incident with you that created a situation in where I was forced to contemplate where I was on my personal journey and the lessons I had to face.

In Episode 2: Gratitude-Fixtures in the Background, I shared how I realized how the moments and little things in my life and been taken for granted in a way.  I realized that I was missing out because I didn’t take time to be grateful.

In Episode 3: Mindfulness-Choose to Participate, taking the lessons learned from not being in the moment, we shared a few ways to develop being in the moment.  Being in the moment requires active participation and attention.

In Episode 4: Compassion and Empathy-You feel me?, we talked about achieving a Compassionate state of Being.  Using Empathy in a way that transforms not only the way we see and interact with the world, but the effectiveness of how we can help others.

I want to be clear, this is NOT the end of this series!  I am simply at a point where the series has caught up with my healing thus far.  As the healing continues, and I begin physical therapy, the series will pick back up until completion.  In the meantime, the Knights Of Awakening will still be offering content as planned.  We will have our first LIVE show next week and we hope you will join us then!

Take care Knights, and until next time……

Awaken the Knight Within!



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As part of our commitment to community outreach and awareness at the Knights Of Awakening, we are looking for original stories, articles, blog posts, discussions, art, music, teachings, or other that you have come across in your groups or communities that we can feature and help bring attention to in a future Knights Of Awakening project.

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Upload Schedule and KOA news

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the new series!  I wanted to give you the upload schedule for the series so that you can stay in the know.  I also want to share some news about the KOA with you, but first things first!

Part 2: Gratitude-“Fixtures in the Background” will hit on Wed. March 16th around 12PM EST

Part 3: Mindfulness-“Choose to Participate” will hit on Mon. March 21st around 12PM EST

Part 4: Compassion and Empathy-“You feel me?” Will hit on Wed. March 23rd around 12PM EST

Part 5: Humility-“I’m only Human” will hit on Mon. 27th at around 12PM EST

There will be more than 5 episodes, but I wanted to keep you up to date on the days and times that the videos will drop in March over at our YouTube channel.  You might be seeing a pattern here (lol).  Any of the content that is straight to video, will be uploading on Mondays and Wednesdays at around 12PM EST for the foreseeable future.  We strive to be consistent with the times and days so that it is easier for all of us to stay on track and connected.

On to some Knights Of Awakening news…….

I am gearing up to offer a LIVE show 1-2 days a week, over at our BlogTalkRadio.com station.  This will allow you to call in and participate, share your thoughts and ideas, ask questions, or anything else you want to share.  For now, I don’t have any further details on when we will start offering a LIVE show, what potential topics we will cover, or who will be involved.  But I would anticipate that the first episode for us will be within the first two weeks of April 2016.  There are some scheduling issues I have to account for and work around for this to happen, but I wanted to share this with you so that you are prepared.

We are also working on some promotional deals with partners in the community, to cross promote and share content to reach an even larger audience then ever before.  We will go back to basics and work hard to get interesting guests for interviews, and offer our platform to the larger community so they are able to get the word out about their news and events.  We are planning on expanding the YouTube channel to grow the different types of content that you will be able to find there as well (Gaming, Reviews, Vlogs, and much more).

That is all I had to share with you for now, until next time………..

Awaken the Knight Within!

New KOA Radio and Blog series coming in March 2016!

Starting on March 12th 2016, look for the new Radio and Blog series from the KOA hosted by Knights Of Awakening founder and longtime host Justin Bane!  This new series is long overdue after almost two years of no new content.  We apologize for the long hiatus, but sometimes things happen in life that is out of our control.  We can either choose to give up or we can choose to push through and carry on.  We choose to get up and dust ourselves off and carry on with the mission!

The format will be a little different this time around, as there will be a series of short Radio shorts coupled with Blog posts for each.  This new series will be a Launching point for the KOA as we build and prepare for the long haul.  This new series is just the beginning for the Knights Of Awakening.  We hope you enjoy the show and blog posts.  Until next time…….

Awaken the Knight Within!